CNN Hosts Mock Christians On Wearing Masks: ‘You Don’t See One On Jesus’

CNN anchors Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo went viral on Thursday night after they took great amusement in mocking and insulting Christians over wearing masks to combat the coronavirus.

The comments came after Cuomo finished talking about Ohio state representative Nino Vitale, who argued that people shouldn’t get tested for coronavirus, and wearing a mask is against his own religious beliefs.

Lemon questioned, “What are these people — come on. Really?”

Cuomo jumped in to joke, “Thank God he’s Irish. Nino Vitale, couldn’t be more Italian than that name.”

Lemon responded, “I’m not getting in on that thing. How I wonder if the people work for the pretzel companies. They should open like a pretzel business.”

Cuomo said, “Cause they got it twisted.”

Lemon continued by starting to poke fun at Christians, “They got it twisted. Well, uh, it’s religion.”

Cuomo then brought Jesus into the mix, saying, “Can’t wear a mask. You don’t see one on Jesus.”

Lemon said, “What is happening? Have you seen the videos of the people in the stores who are like ‘Get away from me! You’re threatening me! I don’t have to wear a mask!’ I want to play all of them. Not say anything and just let people see themselves. Just wear a mask. You got to wear a shirt. You got to wear shoes. You can’t go without pants, or I mean, come on. What’s wrong with people?”

Cuomo then targeted Trump supporters, stating, “I’ll tell you what, we have a lot more of this, go on and I’m going to wear a MAGA hat because it will be true. We will have to build up our greatness again. This is the most pathetic display.”

This isn’t the only recent outlandish thing that Lemon and Cuomo have said on air recently. On Tuesday, Lemon suggested that former President Barack Obama’s face should be added to Mt. Rushmore to fix the racial issues in America.