Russia Arrests CNN Reporter, Other Journalists, at Protest for Imprisoned Dissident


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Even Russia is sick and tired of fake news CNN.

A new report reveals that Russian authorities arrested a CNN reporter and several other journalists on Tuesday.

CNN correspondent Matthew Chance was arrested along with eight others outside of a penal colony where dissident Alexei Navalny is being held.

A protest was held in which critics of Russian President Vladimir Putin were demanding Nalvany’s release.


One of Navalny’s attorneys, Olga Mikhailova, claims that her client is “seriously ill” and desperately in need of medical care that he is not receiving while imprisoned.

“He has lost a lot of weight, plus he has a strong cough and a temperature of 38.1C,” Mikhailova said, adding that it is a “complete outrage” that Navalny is being treated in such conditions.

Chance posted a selfie on Twitter while being held by Russian authorities to show just how brave he is.


Chance appeared on CNN shortly after he was released, explaining that he was only in custody for three hours:

Putin is aware of how Western Civilization is decaying because of globalist schemes and activst journalists trying to make themselves the story.

Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that multiculturalism has failed in the West.

During an end-of-year press conference, Putin observed that there is a cultural clash taking place in the West.


When responding to an inquiry from RT correspondent Igor Zhdanov during his this press conference, Putin remarked that there is a fine line between freedom of expressing and insulting an entire group of people.

“Where is the boundary between one freedom and another freedom,” the Russian statesman asked. “It is well known that where one man’s freedom begins, another’s must end.” He continued by noting that those who “act thoughtlessly, insulting the rights and feelings of religious people, should always remember there will be an inevitable backlash. But, on the other hand, this shouldn’t be an aggressive one.” He alluded to recent incidents in France as proof that multiculturalism has failed.

Putin’s remarks came after a grisly incident in Paris, France where Abullakh Anzorov,  an 18-year-old Muslim of Chechen origin, decapitated a schoolteacher Samuel Paty for showing cartoon depictions of the Prophet Mohammed during a class on free speech back in October.”

The escalating public feud between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden rapidly de-escalated on Friday after the White House put on the brakes.

In particular, the Biden administration has pushed back on an invitation from the Russian leader to conduct a “live” debate with Biden for the world to see.


And why? Because, apparently, the U.S. president is “quite busy” taking care of things.

Putin issued his challenge after Biden’s warning that Putin would “pay a price” following a disputed U.S. intelligence report claiming that Moscow attempted to interfere in the 2020 election.

Biden also called Putin a killer.

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