CNN’s Cuomo Makes Surprising Statement About Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Verdict


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Liberal CNN host Chris Cuomo made a surprising admission about Kyle Rittenhouse after a jury in Wisconsin found him not guilty on all five charges last week.

During the end of his show, “Cuomo Prime Time,” Cuomo told CNN host Don Lemon that Rittenhouse was justified by the law, despite his contention that the outcome was because of “systemic racism.”

Cuomo called it “a terrible situation,” saying that because of systemic racism, “you’re going to have people saying if he was black, this would be different.”


He did concede the verdict “is justified by the law and the facts,” and “that’s what we should want every time.”

“We want this outcome no matter who the defendant is,” Cuomo said.

Partial transcript via CNN:

CUOMO: You know, you know you’re going to have people saying if he was black this would be different, right? Because we’re dealing with systemic injustice right now. And even though this verdict, I believe, is justified by the law and the facts here, that’s what we should want every time, people are frustrated that you wouldn’t get it if he was black even though this may be the right outcome. But, at the same time, you’re doing that, you’re going to have him be weaponized by one of the most toxic people in our society.

LEMON: Well, so, therefore, when that judge said — dressed down the prosecution. This, when he, you know, [dressed] down the prosecution. The prosecution did a lot of things wrong, right? I mean, this really rests on —


CUOMO: But they had a hard case. The facts and the —

LEMON: They had a hard case, but they didn’t do a good job even with a hard case. I mean, that’s obvious to see. And the judge — the judge is, you know, and I’ve said this before. Think when you want to think about the judge where you think he is biased, it’s not my business. The judge’s behavior, I think also divided people in this case. If you look at the judge and we’ve talked about this, we talked about it on our podcast version of this handoff. The judge in Georgia doing the right thing, conducting himself in moderation, in the right way, and then you have this judge who is yelling at people even though the jury didn’t see most of that, they still — they understand what’s happening. They get a sense of what is going on. They see, you know, the judge’s reaction — what the judge is doing, if he’s making coffee during closing arguments. Little things like that.

So, you know, I think it’s problematic. This gave us a window into our court system, our justice system, and I think these are examples of what is happening around the country of reform, whether you think it’s about race or whatever it is, but just to make it more equitable for all people involved and not to use people as political weapons or cudgels because you want to promote yourself, because you are on a grift.


The attorney that represented him, that, you know, because he got the acquittal, he did the right thing, he’s doing the right thing. The right — and he called their names. I don’t have to. And there are others who are involved, as well. Those are the people who are problematic in this society. Those are the people who are causing the divisions because they are the ambulance chasers and you can have ambulance chasers, as well in media.

CUOMO: Look, I think that this is a terrible situation and why he is — while he’s not guilty, there is a lot about this situation, while he had the right to do it under the law, it wasn’t right.

LEMON: Right.


CUOMO: It was wrong, and it’s hurtful, and people are dead, and it sends a bad message. I hear you, but the law rules, and the law here is the bad guy.


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