Devin Nunes Says Users Are Flocking to Trump’s Truth Social Platform


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The head of former President Donald Trump’s new social media platform said this week that people are flocking to sign up and the company is working as fast as possible to get everyone on board.

“People are coming in droves. They continue to sign up. We continue to let them on as quickly as we possibly can,” Devin Nunes, who retired as a U.S. representative from California to run the new company, told Just the News‘ John Solomon.

He said he hopes to have the platform fully launched by the end of March, adding that engagement on the platform is already very high.

Nunes also said that users coming from Facebook and Twitter are seeing higher rates of engagement “compared to these big tech tyrants.”

The outlet continued:

“How are they getting more interaction right now on Truth when we just started?” the former California Republican congressman rhetorically asked, before mentioning how Solomon is not on Twitter at the moment. The Just the News editor-in-chief was suspended from Twitter for sharing a true story on a peer-reviewed COVID-19 study.


Solomon said that before his Twitter account was taken offline, his social media engagement was about the same as on Truth. 

“I was getting about the same action with 850,000 Twitter followers as I was in truth, and I was really impressed by the engagement, the smart context,” Solomon said.

Nunes said called the level of enthusiasm and the rate of sign-ups “amazing.” He also said that Truth Social is much different than other social media sites, noting that users “like the vibe on our platform.”

“Not only do we have real users that are real people, we also don’t have what you see on the other platforms – and that is bots running around everywhere,” he said.

Also, Nunes noted that the objective behind Truth Social is to be much more than just another politically-influenced social media platform, and that users are encouraged to post photos, life updates and events, and other non-political content.


“Our team is working around the clock, they continue to work around the clock, we continue to let more and more people on every single hour,” he said.

“You’re not going to want to go back to those old social media companies,” Nunes added, noting that people should go to the Apple App Store and download the platform.

According to Newsweek, the platform’s launch was rocky:

Nunes, who resigned from office to become chief executive officer of the app’s creator Trump Media and Technology Group, urged people to stick with the “free speech” social network and promised that it will move beyond its teething problems.


Truth Social, which was meant to mark a return to social media for Trump, went live on the Apple App store in the early hours of February 21 and was almost immediately hit with a number of issues.

Users complained about errors on the app not allowing them to sign up for an account. When they were finally able to set one up, they were then put in a queue with hundreds of thousands of other people ahead of them before they could actually start using Truth Social.

“Our team is working literally around the clock 24/7,” Nunes told One America News. “And as we grow and as we add people, we squash bugs, we’re making changes right. Matter of fact, we should have in the next day or two another Apple update.

“Also we’re doing—it’s not perfect—but we’re doing everything we can to keep the platform clean, and to keep off all the nasty bots and the people that aren’t really real people,” Nunes added.

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