Connecticut Revokes Hunter Biden’s Law License As Federal Investigations Continue


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As the federal government’s investigation into first son Hunter Biden has been ongoing for more than two years, enforcement action has now been taken action against him.

While striving to promote his international pursuits, Hunter leveraged his Connecticut law license to obtain a $1 million retainer from the chairman of CEFC China Energy Company in 2017. However, according to officials, he failed to pay the required $75 Client Security Fund fee to practice law in the state, resulting in the suspension of his license for the third time, according to Breitbart News.

The suspension of his law license is linked to the address on record, which is located in the House of Sweden in Washington, D.C. The office space was allegedly used by Hunter to facilitate a deal with CEFC China Energy Co., resulting in the retainer payment from the company’s chairman, Ye Jianming, the outlet reported.

In addition, Ye reportedly gifted Hunter a diamond worth approximately $80,000 in February of the same year. After the failed CEFC energy deal the previous year, Hunter terminated his lease with the House of Sweden in 2018. Reports suggest that the Biden family had organized a deal with CEFC that involved President Joe Biden (referred to as “Big Guy”) obtaining a 10% equity stake in a joint venture.

Furthermore, Tony Bobulinski, a previous business associate, was also involved in the deal. The House of Sweden returned a rent deposit of $49,910 to Hunter after the lease was terminated, as Breitbart News initially reported. Despite some confusion surrounding his membership in the D.C. Bar, Hunter is currently authorized to practice law in Washington, D.C.


Earlier this month, a Daily Mail report said that one of Hunter’s business partners had access to, and moved “1,850 boxes of sensitive documents from then-VP Joe Biden’s White House office” and lawyers had warned him about this. The lawyers didn’t want anything related to “Obama-Biden transition papers” involved, especially if Joe Biden did own them.

The report noted further:

Eric Schwerin, Hunter’s Rosemont Seneca partner who handled Joe’s taxes and personal affairs, was in charge of moving an archive of 1,850 boxes of files from the vice president’s DC office that were being donated to the University of Delaware in 2010.

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Those documents, mainly from Biden’s time as a Delaware senator, also included Obama-Biden presidential transition team papers and raised the hackles of White House lawyers.

Schwerin forwarded the correspondence to Hunter, saying: ‘FYI – if you want to be in the loop. I sent to Mel who is going to talk to your Dad about this and decide who should work on it between him and Jamie.’

‘Mel’ likely refers to attorney Melvyn Monzack, who handled Hunter and Joe’s brother Jim’s taxes and other Biden family affairs. Monzack also sent Hunter emails directly about Joe’s gift of sensitive papers to the University of Delaware in October 2010.


In December 2020, it was also reported that the US Attorney’s Office in Delaware was investigating Hunter for potential tax fraud related to his business dealings in China. The investigation reportedly began in 2018, but it is unclear what specific actions or transactions are under scrutiny. Hunter has denied any wrongdoing.

In April 2021, it was reported that Hunter remained under federal investigation, but the focus had shifted to his taxes and potential money laundering. The investigation is being led by the US Attorney’s Office in Delaware and the FBI, and it is ongoing.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer said earlier this month that it is likely Hunter Biden was “in proximity” of classified documents discovered in the garage of his father’s Wilmington, Del., home, and that’s a potential national security issue.

Fox News reported that the Kentucky Republican is one of several House GOP members who are expressing concerns that President Joe Biden’s potentially problematic possession of the documents may also have been compromised in other ways.

“We have reason to believe that Hunter Biden has had some contacts that would be of concern to our national security,” Comer told reporters in reference to documents found stored haphazardly in a garage where the president keeps his classic Corvette.

He added that, in “the beginning, the story was that the National Archive triggered the raid on Mar-a-Lago and that the administration has come back and implied that it wasn’t the National Archives that it was actually the Department of Justice.”