Arizona Senate Audit Liaison Considers Resigning After Being Barred From Review


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The Arizona Senate liaison for the Maricopa County audit of the 2020 election is considering resigning after being barred from the audit.

While speaking with The Epoch Times, Ken Bennett, the liaison and a former Republican Arizona secretary of state, said he was blocked on July 23 from entering the audit.

Bennett speculated that some officials were upset that he had shared data from the audit with outside parties who have been heavily critical of the election review.

“I shared some box counts of how many ballots were in each box and that got leaked to the press,” Bennett said. “That’s how I got barred from the audit.”


Bennett also described issues with the counting of duplicate ballots and aggregation.

For instance, when opening boxes of duplicate ballots, officials found some lacked serial numbers, a violation of state law.

That indicated it would be difficult to match some of the duplicate ballots with the ballots that needed to be duplicated.

“I asked the auditors, when we’re done with the duplicates, please give me a comprehensive reconciliation of: were we able to identify one of these for every one of those. And that has not been forthcoming now for two months,” Bennett said.


When that information got leaked to the media, Bennett said it made him look bad and untrustworthy.

The drama in Maricopa County, Arizona, continues.

The GOP-led Arizona Senate has served a new subpoena to Maricopa County officials seeking routers for its audit of the 2020 presidential election.

Bill Gates, a member of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, made the announcement on CNN that they had received the subpoena.

“Right before I came on here, the board of supervisors received another subpoena from the state Senate ordering us to turn over the routers, in addition to some other information. And they threaten us in these papers that if we do not turn those over by Aug. 2 — so that’s next Monday — then we could be held in contempt,” he said.


Arizona State Senate President Karen Fann revealed that the audit of the 2020 presidential election in Maricopa County has uncovered a slew of questionable practices that cannot go unchecked.

“The ballots, when they showed up, literally, they are in boxes that are literally just stuffed in there,” Fann said. “They’re supposed to be organized. There’s supposed to be these pink sheets between that says there are certain numbers there, a certain number of ballots there. There weren’t.”

“So the auditor, literally, in trying to preserve everything the exact way it is, had to, like, very carefully take [the ballots] out to do what we needed to make sure we put them back exactly as we found them, even though it was a mess,” Fann added.

“They withheld the blue tally sheets,” she said. “We have not gotten the chain of custody [documentation for ballots]. We have not gotten the routers, the passcodes, the fobs.”



Speculation is mounting about what Republicans can do if enough evidence of election fraud is uncovered in Maricopa County, Arizona.

The issue at hand is who has the legal authority to actually recall Arizona’s 11 state electors if lawmakers attempt to go that route.

Constitutional attorney John Eastman argued on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast that the Arizona State legislature can legally decertify a fraudulent election in the battleground state.

Fann said last week that the chamber does not have the power to recall electors by itself.

Eastman said he disagrees and claimed that “there is ample authority to fix this problem.”

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