Biden Critics Say Primetime Interview Did Not Change Voters’ Minds


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President Joe Biden’s interview with ABC News anchor and former Bill Clinton adviser George Stephanopoulos did nothing to assuage his critics’ trepidations.

The interview was supposed to fix his disastrous debate performance against Donald Trump, but it did not work, according to his critics, including a growing number of Democrats.

Among those critics was Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham who said on X, formerly Twitter, “That was not a media interview of a sitting President. That was a therapy session with a former Democratic operative begging President Biden to get out of the race.

“There wasn’t a single challenge to President Biden’s statement that America is in good shape under his presidency,” he said.


“America is hurting and the world is on fire. This interview was a disservice to the American people. With all due respect, the American people are not wrong to believe that President Biden is compromised physically and mentally,” the senator said.

“To suggest the debate was a ‘bad night’ instead of a deteriorating condition is not only disingenuous, it’s an insult to the intelligence of the American people. What we saw tonight was chilling. If you believe President Biden is as fit now as he was when he took office, as he claims, you need a cognitive test,” Graham added.

It’s not only Republicans who are concerned as Fox News liberal cohost of “The Five,” Juan Williams, said it did not negate his debate performance.


“I think, you know, even at the White House, maybe Phil [Wegmann] can help us here, but I mean, you know, did he have a medical examination after this? If at first the White House, I think, was saying no, then he said yes, that they had talked about it. And I, you know, apparently, they’ve come back and said there’s not going to be any release of information about that medical review,” the host said.

“But even if it was a bad episode, my God, that’s like saying, you know, I’m playing in the Super Bowl and I’ve just had a bad night. No, you prepare, you’re ready. It should not be a bad moment. And, you know, yeah, he was traveling a lot, I grant him that, maybe he was feeling a little bit neuralgic, like a cold or something, but there’s just no excuse. It was a devastatingly bad moment,” he said.

Democrat operative David Axelrod also said the interview did not change voters’ minds when he spoke to CNN anchor Jim Sciutto.


“Well, the question is, did he change the minds of voters who were watching that? I don’t really think so. You know, he, Jim, I think the thing, and some of it I found sad, but he seems not to be able to compute the fact that, people have these questions about him. He said, I have, you know, when George Stephanopoulos asked him if he’d be willing to take a cognitive test, he said, um, I take a cognitive test every day. Well, the fact is, that may be true, but 75% of the American people think he failed, that he fails. I mean, they’re, they’ve lost.,” he said.

“And so this is a real problem for him. And it’s something that shows up in every poll, uh, and in terms of where he stands in the race, you know, there, there, no politician out there will tell, has the same perception that the president does, that this is a tied race and he’s right in the hunt right now. He was 10 points ahead four years ago. He’s six points behind now, worse in most of the battleground states and now in danger of losing states that weren’t thought to be in contention,” he said.

“So what you see, Jim, you saw it in Wisconsin today; Tammy Baldwin, the Senator from Wisconsin, wasn’t at this event. Why? Because she’s up for reelection and it’s not helpful to helpful to her to be seen with the president,” Axelrod added.

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