‘Cruising To Re-Election’: GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Huge Lead In Midterm Primary


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Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is “cruising to re-election” after a new poll reveals she has an enormous lead in her 2022 midterm election primary.

The Washington Examiner’s “Secrets” conducted a poll among likely Republican primary voters in Green’s Georgia district. The survey found that 53% said they would back her regardless of who challenges.

“Anyone who thinks Marjorie Taylor Greene is vulnerable in a Republican primary is delusional and severely detached from reality,” Greene’s campaign pollster and media consultant, Neighborhood Research and Media, said.

“She has an amazing 68-10 favorable rating — up from 48-12 in July — despite the addition of Democratic parts of Cobb County in recent redistricting,” said the memo.

The report from the Examiner stated:

She is also well-funded, unlike her potential foes. The district is strongly pro-Trump. Some 70% of the Republicans polled said that the former president “was the actual winner” in the 2020 election, and an equal amount wanted him to run again.


It also showed that Trump-backed former Sen. David Perdue is gaining on Gov. Brian Kemp in the gubernatorial primary. Greene, who is close to Trump, can also be an influence in other races through endorsements, said the survey. More than 7 in 10 Republicans said she is effective, and 36% said they would be “more likely” to back a candidate endorsed by her.

In Washington, she is leading the effort by pro-Trump House and Senate members to primary GOP Trump critics, including Rep. Liz Cheney, and she has been especially critical of the so-called liberal “squad.” What’s more, she has defied House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s mask mandate, costing her significant fines, and gone to bat for long-imprisoned Jan. 6 Capitol riot defendants.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene represents exactly the prototype for what voters expect from their representatives in the Biden era,” said pollster Rick Shaftan.

Earlier this week, Greene revealed that she spoke with former President Donald Trump and that he has big plans for the near future.

In a series of tweets, Greene said she had Trump’s permission to speak about their conversation and that the 45th president plans to be active in the 2022 midterm elections.

“4. For everyone that criticizes Pres Trump about when covid started with shoulda’s coulda’s and woulda’s, I think he and his administration did the best they could. The virus was brand new and we’d never seen anything like it. Biden deserves the criticism. He has no excuses,” Green wrote.


“5. President Trump also said that you wouldn’t be paying ridiculous high prices at the gas pump with him in charge. Keystone pipeline would be under construction, we would be drilling for oil, and NOT begging OPEC to drill oil for us. What a pathetic disgrace Joe Biden is,” she added in another tweet.

“6. I told Pres Trump that it makes me sick how America is no longer respected in the world because of the weakness occupying the White House. He told me: He would have NEVER abandoned Americans in Afghanistan, allowed 13 service members needlessly die, or armed the Taliban,” she added.

“7. Iran was ready to sign a deal and now they aren’t afraid of Biden. No one is. Russia would not be advancing and remember it was Pres Trump who shut down Russia’s pipeline, but Biden shuts down America’s pipeline. Disgraceful! North Korea was no longer a threat,” she wrote.

“8. We discussed China. President Trump put tariffs on China against many people’s criticism and it was working! Now Biden is handing Americans over to full dependency on the very enemy who sent us the deadly virus that’s now politicized to control us all. There are reasons,” she said.


“9. And there are ways to deal with China. But unfortunately, the guy they kept in the basement, who supposedly got more black votes than Obama and more than any other presidential candidate, won’t do the job because he and Hunter have special friends and connections in China,” she wrote.

“10. We discussed the J6 Unselect Committee, as he rightly calls it, because it’s nothing but a committee of Pelosi Democrats and Republican picks were rejected. It’s just another scam and political witch hunt with no credibility just like the Russia hoax,” Greene tweeted.

“11. We discussed Georgia, my beautiful home state that I love so much. Fulton county is one of the most corrupt counties in the country. Everyone knows it. Makes me sick. Everyone knows widespread cheating occurred, even Democrat voters. Biden voters have buyers remorse!” she continued.

“12. President Trump is very concerned about the border and the future of America. He says tens of millions are going to be in our country who don’t belong because of the Democrats, and some of them will be very bad people who will do horrible things. He said it must be stopped!” she said.

“13. For what I told President Trump, I’ll tell you all just a few things I said. I told him I’m sick and tired of weak pathetic Republicans who won’t fight hard against the Democrats Communist agenda. I told him I need strong courageous people to help me in Congress,” Green said.


“14. I told President Trump that RINO’s like Mitch McConnell are to blame for all of our problems. He agrees. RINO’s are the worst! I told him Republicans in the Senate are approving all of Biden’s picks in record speed and it’s nauseating. They fought Trump’s picks nonstop,” she added.

“15. I also told President Trump that the people are tired of investigations that do nothing and hold no one accountable. They want a plan and they want action that saves our country and puts Americans first! Enough of the talk. He totally agrees with that too,” Greene concluded in her Twitter thread.


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