Ted Cruz Calls For Fauci To Be Imprisoned For Lying To Congress


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The news is getting tougher for Dr. Anthony Fauci ever since he retired from his job in the federal government.

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is now calling for him to be imprisoned for lying to Congress.

“There has been no person who has done more to destroy trust in the scientific and medical community than Dr. Anthony Fauci, who told millions of Americans lies willingly, knowingly, glibly, and supremely arrogantly,” the senator said at CPAC this week.

“In any sane system, he would be prosecuted for lying under oath, and he would go to jail for lying under oath to Congress,” he said. “We have a majority in the House, and I am confident that we’re going to use that majority and use it to hold Dr. Fauci and the others who lied accountable.”



Fauci has appeared to cast doubt on the theory that the COVID pandemic started with a lab leak in Wuhan, China, which the FBI and Department of Energy believe is likely.

The U.S. Department of Energy has allegedly handed a classified report to the White House and key members of Congress that said it came to the conclusion that the pandemic was the result of a lab leak due to new intelligence, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The new report highlights how different parts of the intelligence community have arrived at disparate judgments about the pandemic’s origin. The Energy Department now joins the Federal Bureau of Investigation in saying the virus likely spread via a mishap at a Chinese laboratory. Four other agencies, along with a national intelligence panel, still judge that it was likely the result of a natural transmission, and two are undecided.

The Energy Department’s conclusion is the result of new intelligence and is significant because the agency has considerable scientific expertise and oversees a network of U.S. national laboratories, some of which conduct advanced biological research.

The Energy Department made its judgment with “low confidence,” according to people who have read the classified report.

The FBI previously came to the conclusion that the pandemic was likely the result of a lab leak in 2021 with “moderate confidence” and still holds to this view.


The retired Dr. Anthony Fauci has continued to say that he believes the pandemic came about naturally, but has left open the possibility of a lab leak.

“If you look at the data that’s been accumulated by independent international evolutionary virologists, they feel pretty confident that this was a natural occurrence from an animal host into a human,” he said to Chris Wallace in December. “Has it been definitively proven? No. Is a lab leak possible? Of course, I keep a completely open mind that we don’t know definitively what the origin is. And that’s the reason why we want to keep investigating and get as much data as we can, so that we can prevent something like this from happening in the future. But the overwhelming data right now from independent people, with no horse in the race, feel rather strongly that it’s a natural occurrence.”

Fauci was the subject of massive criticism from Republicans before he retired.

In January Fauci responded to upcoming investigations by House Republicans, telling Fox News host Neil Cavuto that he has “nothing to hide.”

“I have a great deal of respect, Neil, for the process of oversight,” Fauci said. “I really do. I have nothing to hide, I can explain everything that I have done during the period of time that I was involved in that process. And I have no trouble with testifying before the Congress at all.”

“So, they want to get into this with you. And it could get pretty nasty. Are you prepared for that?” Cavuto asked.

“Yes,” Fauci responded. “I mean, I — like I said, Neil, I have no problem. I can defend everything that I have said and done. There was an explanation for it. This was a moving target right from the beginning. And people need to appreciate that, when something is obvious in January or February, that might not be the same in March, April, May, June, or the rest of the summer.”

“I have been completely, totally, 100 percent honest about everything,” Fauci said.

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