Dem Chairman of Jan. 6 Committee May Subpoena Trump: ‘Nothing Off The Table’

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s witch hunts continue.

Democrats are considering the possibility of hauling in Donald Trump to testify before their partisan January 6 commission that is “investigating” the incident at the U.S. Capitol.

During an interview on MSNBC, Democrat Rep. Bennie Thompson, who is chairing the partisan “1/6 Committee,” said he may subpoena Trump.

Below is a transcript of the exchange, via Grabien:

SHARPTON: “In his first public appearance since the Trump Organization was hit with criminal charges this week, Donald Trump complained that Democrats and yours truly were trying to tear down his understanding of history. Now I’m not someone who puts his name or likeness on everything he can, I leave that to others. But Donald Trump is no longer in office. But for those sitting Republicans in Congress, who last month voted overwhelmingly in favor of a federal Juneteenth holiday, why did so many of them vote last week to keep Confederate statues in our U.S. Capitol?”

THOMPSON: “Well, the unfortunate thing, rev, is that some of them get easily intimidated. I think when the Senate made the move on Juneteenth, it kind of locked the House in place to do the same thing. But when the House had the opportunity to provide the leadership necessary and independence, they failed. I’m glad that we approved it. For my home state, the two people that represent my state, one was president of the confederacy, Jefferson Davis. The other one was a general who was a slaveholder, who was terrible. We are a better country than that. Those individuals should not be placed in the United States Capitol where they are in prominent positions where everyone can see them, because these were people who tried to divide the nation. So I’m excited that House Democratic leadership moved forward to get this done with a few Republicans, not many, but, you know, progress is a challenge anywhere, as you know. But I’m firmly convinced, with the leadership we have in Washington, we will mitigate a lot of these circumstances. And Donald Trump can go on on these speeches, he can lie about what happens with the legislation, but, you know, I think Bloomberg said it best when he said that he knows a con when he sees one. And so much of what Donald Trump talks about on a daily basis is just patently untrue. I mean, it’s just absolutely untrue. And that’s unfortunate.”

SHARPTON: “Let me ask you a quick follow-up to that. Will you subpoena Trump to testify before your January 6th panel?”

THOMPSON: “I will tell you this. We will follow the facts, reverend. If the facts, based on the investigation that we will have, lead us to any individual who is complicit in what happened on January 6th, absolutely, we will do it. And I won’t say it with him, but I will say if it is a member of Congress, if it is anyone else, our job is to investigate any and all circumstances and facts surrounding January 6th. And we will do just that. We will not be shrinking violets, we will get to what happened. We have the protect this country of ours. For a moment, we were the laughing stock of the entire world. When you would see people with Confederate flags, with noose hanging out on the field — this is not who we are. But if we don’t step up, like we are doing with this select committee, they will come back.”

THOMPSON: “You know, there is a rumor that they are coming back in August. But I can guarantee you it won’t happen — the results won’t be the same, because the Capitol Police and everybody understand what’s at risk. Unfortunately, we will do some testimony, rev, on this, and we are going to bring the Capitol Police — you know, they have never — the rank and file Capitol Police have yet to testify before a congressional committee. They have had the top people, but they didn’t have the people who are out there fighting those crazy folk. We need to hear from them about their training. We need to hear about what kind of equipment they had. All that. So we can show them, but we want to talk about the staff that worked in the restaurant, the staff that worked cleaning the Capitol. All of us were at risk. It wasn’t just a select few, but everybody who worked in that building on that day potentially could have lost their life.”

SHARPTON: “Yeah. Well, we are going to be looking forward to it. Just so I’m clear, you are going to follow the evidence. You are not ruling out the possibility of subpoenaing Donald Trump?”


THOMPSON: “Absolutely not ruling out not subpoenaing anyone.”


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