Dem Staffer Caught Defacing Poster Outside MTG’s Office; DOJ Declines to Prosecute


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A senior staffer for a Democratic congressman has been caught defacing posters outside the office of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), but a report Tuesday said that the Justice Department has no plans to prosecute him.

The staffer works for Massachusetts Democrat Rep. Jake Auchincloss and he was caught by Capitol Police and referred for criminal charges.

However, Just the News reports, the same U.S. Attorney’s Office prosecuting the Jan. 6 protesters declined to approve an arrest warrant, according to police documents and interviews.

The outlet added:

Police and Auchincloss also confirmed Monday that the congressman’s office was involved in allowing comedian Steven Colbert’s production team into the Capitol complex last week in an incident that led to security concerns and the arrest of seven members of Colbert’s team.

Capitol Police asked federal prosecutors back in March for an arrest warrant for Timothy Hysom, 51, a longtime Democrat congressional staffer who worked for Rep. Adam Schiff before rising to be Auchincloss’s top aide, after capturing Hysom on hidden camera security footage defacing Greene’s posters with stickers with religious messages, according to copy of the arrest warrant obtained by Just the News.


Police said they believed Hysom may have been involved in seven defacing of posters outside Greene’s office in the Longworth Congressional Office Building between January and March and that he declined to be interviewed when confronted. Hysom was offered a “non-custodial interview and he declined and retained counsel,” the report states.

“Based on the aforementioned, it is your affiant’s belief that the defendant, Timothy Duane Hysom … did violate DC Code § 22–3312.01 Defacing Public or Private Property,” the arrest warrant stated.

Officials told the news outlet that Greene was informed last month that the U.S. Attorney’s Office declined to prosecute because officials said they did not think a federal judge would let the case proceed.

Spokesman Matt Corridoni claimed that the real victims were people who have been forced to read Greene’s posters that stated there are only two genders – male and female – saying that message is akin to “bullying.”

“While Members of Congress have great latitude in what they do on the inside of their office, they do not own the exterior walls of their office,” Corridoni said. “Regulations published by the House Buildings Commission prohibit ‘posters’ from being posted in the hallways outside of Members’ House offices in the House Office Buildings. Adhering a sticker – to a poster that shouldn’t be there in the first place – is hardly a federal crime.

“What Tim did was to adhere a series of stickers to foul, mean-spirited, bullying posters outside the Congresswoman’s office. These stickers were never threatening and always respectful,” Corridoni went on.

“It is certainly not part of a ‘Members’ Representational Duties’ to print signs – at taxpayers’ expense – whose sole purpose is to bully and intimidate the Member across the hall from you,” he added. “While the Capitol Police were obligated to pass along Rep. Greene’s accusation of ‘destruction of public property’ to the U.S. Attorney’s office, they have set aside the charges and have declined to prosecute such a ridiculous accusation.”

Greene, meanwhile, took to Twitter to respond.

“Good morning from our nation’s capital where the @USAO_DC refuses to prosecute Democrat @JakeAuch Chief of Staff Tim Hysom even though Cap Police referred him for criminal charges,” she began.


It’s a lovely day on the hill today where @AdamSchiff engaged in insurrection by bringing in @StephenAtHome Democrat activists film crew. They had been stalking me at the J6 press conference and at my office,” she continued.

“With months and months of stalking by Tim Hysom, I’m used to it now.”

“Tim Hysom wanted to prosecute a man who attacked a pride flag when he was COS for another Democrat Member of Congress. But Hysom thinks it’s totally fine and is unapologetic about attacking my statement on gender that also reflects the views of my district by attacking my faith,” Greene added.

“I will NOT back down on my belief that there are only two genders, male and female,” she said.

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“There is a repulsive two-tiered justice system in America today brought to you by Biden’s DOJ. They refuse to go after protestors breaking federal law and harassing Supreme Court justices. But they’ll lock you up and throw away the key if you walked around inside the Capitol on J6,” the Georgia Republican noted.

The role of the DOJ is to enforce federal laws. Biden’s DOJ only selectively enforces federal laws they choose to prosecute,” she added.

“The illegals breaking our laws at the border don’t matter to them. Record high fentanyl deaths, nah. High crime, who cares. Lawlessness is the goal,” Greene wrote.

“Sorry American People. Yes, you pay your taxes that pay all the government salaries, including @USAO_DC, but you don’t matter to them. You see under the Democrat’s Regime, it’s a two-tiered justice system. They only prosecute their political enemies/threats and that is you,” she noted to end her thread.