Former Trump Official Demands Investigation Into Biden’s ‘Border Cover-Up’

Written by Martin Walsh

OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion

Former Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security Alexei Woltornist, who served in the Trump administration, is calling on Congress to investigate the Biden administration’s “cover-up” of the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

During an appearance Tuesday night on Fox News, Woltornist directly accused Biden officials of lying about the situation at the border and said Congress must look into the worsening crisis.

“I think that this is a matter that Congress should investigate and find out what information [Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas] has that he’s not sharing and also explain why he’s making this decision, and it can even go as high as President Biden himself,” he said.

“We really haven’t been getting much information from the White House, and it just tells me that everything’s much worse than any of us know,” he said.


Newsmax White House correspondent Emerald Robinson on Monday grilled White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki about the Biden administration’s treatment of illegal aliens verse its treatment of U.S. National Guard troops.

The press briefing kicked up a notch when Robinson confronted Psaki about an explosive report that the Biden administration had inked an $89.6 million contract to shelter illegal immigrants in hotel rooms.

“So, also you are opening up new facilities. One of the options that is being reported over the weekend is spending $86 million on hotel rooms for some migrants and feeding them,” Robinson began.

“How do you square National Guard troops who were sleeping in parking garages, and some of them got sick from having contaminated food. That’s a disparity a lot of people are pointing out: That our National Guard were treated one way and then illegal immigrants are going to be put in hotel rooms?” Robinson asked.

Psaki was visibly unprepared for the question.

“Well, first let me say that at the time that we became aware of the conditions, National Guard in, in parking garages,” Psaki stammered.

“As you noted, the president called the head of the National Guard that day and offered his assistance. Offered to play any role that he could play. Boosting morale, asking for more aid, making sure they had the right — were treated in the way that they deserved for the incredible role they’ve played,” Psaki continued.

“So, I know that was some time ago,” Psaki added. “But that’s the reaction he took at the time.”

As evidenced in the clip below, Psaki did not answer why American taxpayers are footing the bill for illegal aliens to stay in hotels in America.


Earlier this month, more than a dozen Michigan National Guard troops deployed to Washington, D.C., have been sickened, with some hospitalized, after repeatedly being served raw, undercooked meat and meals.

A whistleblower told WXYZ-TV reporter Brian Abel that nearly 75 meals were thrown out Sunday after metal shavings were found, other meals showed up undercooked making soldiers sick.

Abel posted an interview to his Twitter account, where he detailed the report:

Abel also provided a statement from the Michigan National Guard on the horrendous situation in D.C.:

But wait, it gets even worse.

WXYZ-TV also reported that the anonymous sergeant said the troops are being forced to pay for their own food until officials get the situation under control.

The sergeant told the news outlet: “Now after the raw meat yesterday for dinner they have told us not to eat the meals for the next two days and are giving us MRE’s instead. Soldiers are now paying for all their meals for the next two days in order to get real food.”