Political Strategist Jeffrey Lord Says He Sees Signs Of Dementia In Joe Biden


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Many have speculated that President Joe Biden is suffering from some form of cognitive issues as he has been videotaped in gaffe after gaffe ever since he started campaigning for president.

American author, and political strategist Jeffrey Lord appeared RT’s “Eat The Press” this week and gave a horrifying prognosis of what he believes is going on with the president.

I have to tell you on a personal note, I took care of my mother until she passed away at 99.  She had dementia. And it began, it’s not like a quick drop off of a cliff in mental abilities.  It’s a gentle decline.  Every time I see Joe Biden, I see mom,” he said on the show.

“That’s exactly what happened to her.  He gets confused about where he is on occasion.  He can’t remember last names.  He misspeaks constantly.  It’s sad,” he said.

This is not the first time the subject of Biden’s cognitive ability has come up. In July Rep. Ronny Jackson, the former White House doctor for former President Obama, called on Biden to take a cognitive test.


Texas Republican Representative Ronny Jackson said that he believes Biden is suffering a cognitive decline and should be tested immediately.

“I think he’s demonstrating every single day that there is something going on,” he said to Fox News in July.

“You don’t need to be a physician to look at this behavior and see there’s something concerning happening,” he said. “He’s just not aging gracefully at this point.”

“You can go back – there’s forty years of tape of this man – he’s always made gaffes and stuff but these are different, he’s confused, he’s disoriented,” he said.

“We all know people who are 100-years old, who basically are as sharp as a tack, and we know people who are in their mid-60’s that having some cognitive difficulties…and I think he’s on that end of the spectrum,” he said.

“I’m just asking them, when you do the physical exam include the cognitive assessment,” the representative said.. “As far as I’m concerned the standard precedent has been set and they need to follow and do the same.”


When the mainstream media was questioning Donald Trump’s mental cognition he acquiesced and took the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) which is a 30 point exam that tests for memory impairment, Fox News reported.

“The far left and the mainstream media were demanding that be the new standard for anybody who’s going to lead our country and be our Commander-in-Chief and our head of state,” he said. “I’m just saying I agree with them at this point — we need to get it done.”

Jackson, who administered the test for Trump, explained that the exam is not an IQ test, but rather a standard test for age-related issues, including dementia and cognitive decline.

The White House said last month that Biden is scheduled to take his physical exam “later this year” – which if done before next year would be completed sooner than his predecessor’s health exams. 


Both Trump and Barack Obama took their exams at the start of their second year in the Oval Office. 

But Jackson pointed out that the White House has not said if the cognitive exam will be included during the president’s health screening.

The freshman Texas Republican argued that Trump set a new precedent regarding a president’s mental assessment – a sentiment at one point shared by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

In October 2020 Speaker Pelosi introduced a bill to create a bipartisan commission of health advisors to look at a president’s ability to serve, but she has been silent on the matter since Biden entered the White House.

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