Democrat Georgia Representative Cannon Faces Eight Years In Prison


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A Georgia Democrat lawmaker who attempted to stop Republican Gov. Brian Kemp from signing new election laws is now facing two felonies and eight years in prison.

Georgia state Rep. Park Cannon was caught in video being arrested after banging on the door of Gov. Kemp, after an officer asked her to stop many times but she still believes that her actions were justified, Yahoo News reported.

“I felt as if time was moving in slow motion,” she said as she described the incident. “My experience was painful, both physically and emotionally, but today I stand before you to say as horrible as that experience was … I believe the governor signing into law the most comprehensive voter suppression bill in the country is a far more serious crime.”


Actually, what it does is make certain that people who are voting are legally eligible to vote. Why would Democrats be against that?

These are the same people who say Russia got involved in the 2016 election. One would think they would want election security.

Cannon is now facing two felony charges from last week’s arrest — obstruction and preventing or disrupting a General Assembly session, according to the Fulton County Department of Public Safety website.


She told reporters Thursday that she is facing eight years in prison for those charges, which she called “unfounded.” Georgia Attorney General Christopher Carr did not respond to a request from Yahoo News for comment for this story.

Park’s attorneys say the Democratic legislator is now raising money for her legal defense on a GoFundMe page titled “I Stand With Park.”

The fund’s initial goal is set at $1 million, and the page says that “any remaining funds will be used to protect Voting Rights.”

When speaking to CNN Rep. Park played the old “Frightened of the police” card to curry favor for her cause.

“I was afraid, just like many Americans are when they come into contact with law enforcement, that there would be a need for me to protect myself. But instead I was able to just continue to think about the world was watching, people could see, and it was still very terrifying,” she said to CNN race baiter and host Don Lemon this week.


“It makes me wonder, why? Why were they arresting me? Why were they doing this? Why did the world have to experience another traumatic arrest?” she said.

A traumatic event for the world? This woman thinks very highly of herself.

“When we learned late in the hour, all of a sudden that this bill, SB 202, was being passed, it was important to be there to witness it and to get the information out, just like I always would,” the representative said.

Her attorney, Gerald Griggs, said that Cannon’s arrest was unlawful under the Georgia State Constitution. The attorney said that  they “plan to litigate to the fullest extent of the law,” but hopes the district attorney will review the evidence and dismiss the case.”

The arrest affidavit says that the representative was charged with disrupting General Assembly session because she “knowingly and intentionally did by knocking the governor’s door during session of singing [sic] a bill.”


It says that she “did knowingly and willfully hinder Officer E. Dorval and Officer G. Sanchez of the Capitol PD, a law enforcement officer in the lawful discharge or the officer’s official duties by Use of Threats of Violence, violence to the person of said officer by stomping on LT Langford foot three times during the apprehension and as she was being escorted out of the property. The accused continued on kicking LT Langford with her heels.”

But Griggs said that “the facts and the evidence, as we know them, are inconsistent with what the allegations are in that report.”

And Cannon, who appeared with her arm in a sling, said that she was injured during the arrest.

“We are also in the process of getting her medical treatment, and the doctor will determine the extent of her injuries,” he attorney said. “But what we can say is that the facts and the evidence, from witnesses and video will show she did nothing felonious in this incident.”

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