Democrats Expected 1968-Like Protests, Violence At Chicago Convention


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A growing number of Democrats say they are bracing for mass protests and even violence reminiscent of what took place in 1968 as they prepare for their party’s nomination convention in Chicago.

“Fears of a repeat of the infamous convention, which saw hundreds arrested, have been thrown around as the Israel-Hamas war continues and as massive campus protests that have paralyzed several universities have further illustrated what may be in store for the Chicago DNC convention in August.,” The Washington Examiner reported.

Former President Barack Obama’s chief of staff William Daley told the Washington Post: “This last week has taken the demonstrations to a different level. It portends that you have the potential for big demonstrations. Whether they get violent — that’s more imaginable today than it was a year ago.”

Still, Daley pushed back on suggestions that the August convention would see similar levels of chaos that occurred in 1968 — a convention he attended.

“To analogize what’s going on in the country today with 1968 is ridiculous,” Daley said. “Only people who weren’t alive in ’68 have that idiotic perception.”


Nevertheless, the Democratic National Committee is taking the situation seriously and has been coordinating security ahead of time with the Secret Service, the Examiner reported.

“Peaceful protest is fundamental to American democracy and has been a fixture of political conventions for decades,” DNC spokesman Matt Hill told the Post before falsely accusing former President Trump and his supporters of similar levels of violence.

“While Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans stoke political violence, we support the ongoing security coordination at all levels of government to keep our convention safe,” he claimed.

None of the groups protesting on campuses in opposition to Israel’s offensive military action in response to Hamas’ surprise attack last October are “conservative” or ‘aligned’ with Trump’s political movement.


The Examiner noted further:

Despite the attempt to deflect the image of chaos onto Trump and the Republicans, strategists are increasingly concerned that protests at the convention could render the argument moot. The White Hosue has struggled to find an approach to the War in Gaza that would satisfy its traditional pro-Israeli cadres while also placating the younger liberals, who have been vehemently critical of President Joe Biden’s response. The scenes of chaos wrought by the latter have proven to be a major thorn on Biden’s side and threaten to tank his image as a figure of stability in contrast to Trump’s chaos.

“Everywhere Joe Biden goes, chaos follows and he is berated by angry Americans who are fed up with his terrible policies,” Trump campaign spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt said in a statement. “Chicago will be no different, as people in the city, particularly Blacks and Hispanics, are suffering from Biden’s illegal immigrant invasion and soft-on-crime policies, and they have a right to make their voices heard.”


Protesters who support Palestine have already announced their plans to disrupt the conference that is scheduled to take place in August, the Examiner noted.

In the past month, more than 450 far-left activists participated in the “March on DNC 2024” gathering, organized by 75 different organizations aiming to disrupt the DNC convention set for August. During the event, speakers discussed strategies for executing unlawful actions, including burning an American flag, and strategized on replicating the events of 1968. That year, 10,000 demonstrators clashed with police while protesting the Vietnam War, leading to 668 arrests and numerous injuries.

“Have you heard that the Democratic National Convention is coming to Chicago?” Joe Iosbaker, one of the leaders of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, asked those in attendance. “Are we going to let ’em come here without a protest? This is Chicago, g**d*** it — we’ve got to give them a 1968 kind of welcome.”

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