Democrats Scrambling To Save Biden In Key Early Primary State


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With President Joe Biden’s polling and approval numbers already falling, Democrats have another problem on their hands and are scrambling to resolve it.

Last week, Biden made what he considers a strategically important decision to write off voters in the early New Hampshire primary to “pander to his party’s more ‘diverse’ base,” The Western Journal reported, “he still set himself up for a potentially humiliating prospect: Seeing a rival win the Granite State’s traditionally influential first primary in his party’s nomination contest.”

Fox News noted further that a Democrat-aligned group has launched a Biden write-in campaign:

The newly launched grassroots organizing push by some of the biggest names in New Hampshire Democratic circles comes one week after Biden declined to place his name on the state’s primary ballot. 

With New Hampshire certain to hold a primary that’s out of compliance with the Democratic National Committee’s revamped 2024 nominating calendar – a schedule first suggested by the president late last year that removes the state from its century-old leadoff position – Biden’s avoiding the unsanctioned contest.

“The fate of our democracy itself hangs in the balance in the 2024 election,” says the group’s website.


In addition, an email from the leaders of the group said that “more than 100 grassroots leaders and volunteers from across New Hampshire are launching ‘Write-In Biden,’ a statewide effort to encourage New Hampshire voters to commit to writing in Joe Biden during the 2024 NH Presidential Primary this winter.”

The group’s leaders also emphasized that neither Biden’s 2024 reelection campaign or the New Hampshire Democratic Party are taking part in the write-in effort.

“None. Absolutely none,” one of the group’s leaders – veteran Democratic strategist Jim Demers – told Fox News.

Asked if the group has heard from Biden’s campaign, he told the network: “We have not heard anything from them…. It truly is a citizens’ grassroots effort.”

The initiative comes just days after Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota announced a primary challenge against Biden. Phillips, one of Congress’ richest members, filed paperwork at the State House in Concord, N.H., putting his name on the statewide ballot.

Demers, citing the mass shooting in Maine last week, told Fox News, “We actually postponed announcing on Friday because everyone was extremely uncomfortable considering the news from our next-door state – Maine – so we held off until today.

“Dean Phillips’ entry into the race has no bearing on this. The write-in effort started organizing weeks ago, before he entered the race,” he claimed.


Phillips’ entry into the race comes as a large plurality of Democratic voters say they don’t want Biden to run again.

“According to a poll conducted online from October 16 to October 23 by HarrisX/The Messenger, 57 percent of Democrats think Biden should run again, while 43 percent do not,” Newsweek reported on Friday.

“Biden is, however, still ahead of his fellow Democratic candidate Marianne Williamson by a wide margin. Out of the 3,029 registered voters who were questioned, Biden received 35 percent of their support, while Williamson received just 9 percent,” the outlet noted further.

Pitted against GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, Biden was behind with 35 percent of the vote compared to the former president’s 38 percent. Meanwhile, independents Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Prof. Cornel West got 13 percent and 2 percent, respectively, according to the polling data.


Newsweek added the new wrinkle:

Biden is now up against a new challenger Phillips, who served Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District since 2019, after he formally launched his campaign on Friday morning. Phillips told CBS News that after looking at the polls, he is alarmed at the chance that Trump could beat Biden if the election were between the two of them.

“I will not sit still and not be quiet in the face of numbers that are so clearly saying that we’re going to be facing an emergency next November,” Phillips said.

“My grave concern is I just don’t think President Biden will beat Donald Trump next November,” the representative added.

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