Dems, Media Engaged In Coordinated Effort To Delegitimize Supreme Court: Experts


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Democrats and their media allies are engaged in a “coordinated effort” to delegitimize the United States Supreme Court, some experts believe.

Their most recent target is Justice Samuel Alito, who is being scrutinized for having what are believed to be pro-former President Donald Trump flags outside of two of his homes, The Washington Examiner reported.

“The ‘An Appeal to Heaven’ flag, one of the foremost flags used by Patriot forces including, George Washington, during the Revolutionary War, was flown at Alito’s vacation house last year, according to a New York Times report published this week, drawing outrage from Democrats who claim it was also a key symbol during the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol. It marked the second time in two weeks that the justice’s flag poles became a topic of controversy, and the report prompted calls from Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin (D-IL) for Alito to recuse himself from cases involving former President Donald Trump and the 2020 election, all because a handful of protesters carried the Revolutionary War-era flag on Jan. 6, 2021,” the report said.

Democrats have used the incident to pressure Alito into recusing himself from any cases related to former President Trump.

“The Left has been constantly attacking the court since at least March 2020 when Sen. [Chuck] Schumer [D-NY] stood in front of the court during an oral argument on an abortion case and directly threatened Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh on their vote,” Mark Paoletta, who served in former President-Trump’s administration and who is a close friend of Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife said to The Examiner.

He said that the attacks appear to come in the spring as the Court nears its decision-making period.


In 2022, the Dobbs decision that ended Roe v Wade was leaked. In the Spring of 2023, there were reports on Justice Thomas receiving gifts from billionaire Harlan Crow and his wife, Ginni Thomas, being at the Capitol on January 6. This spring, it is Justice Alito’s flags.

“Short term, it’s to intimidate the conservative justices and try to force a baseless recusal or to have them trim their sails on an opinion and longer term to undermine the court’s legitimacy and pack the court,” he said of the agenda.

But legal experts said to The Examiner that there is no reason for Alito to recuse himself.

“The upside-down flag does not require Alito to recuse from every 2020 election case or future election case or whatever else,” Case Western Reserve University Jonathan Adler said.

Speaking to Fox News, the justice explained why the flags were outside his home and said he was not involved in flying them.


The justice said it began around January 6 when a neighbor displayed a sign near a kid’s bus stop that said  “F— Trump.”

“He said his wife, Martha-Ann, then spoke with those neighbors about the sign, and the conversation was not well received,” Fox News reported.

He said those same neighbors then displayed a sign blaming Mrs. Alito for the events of January 6.

The justice said that the neighbors got into an argument with her, using profane language, when she was walking by.

He said her response was to display an upside-down American flag and a “Stop The Steal” flag in retaliation, but it was only on the property for a short time.

But that has not quelled the response from Democrats who are demanding action against the justice.

During an appearance on MSNBC, Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) was irate with the Justice and said that the Chief Justice and Congress need to act.

“I think all of these displays, the Ginni Thomas case, going to the Federalist Society, the hanging of the flag upside down, you might be able to, in some world, dismiss all of it as outside the court action if it weren’t for the fact, the thing you just said, which is the most crucial thing. There is nothing more important than the notion that a president who has been indicted for having been a participant in and having led an insurrection against the United States government, that that case be heard before this election so that the former president, Donald Trump, would have legal and political accountability so voters would know whether this man was guilty of having committed a crime of that nature. And there is no conceivable world in which we are really going to say, whether you’re conservative or liberal, that the president of the United States is beyond the reach of the law, is immune from any prosecution, for anything he does when he is in office,” the senator complained.

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