‘That’s When I Knew’: Rittenhouse Details Moment He Believes Changed His Trial


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Kyle Rittenhouse has opened up about two critical points in his trial that made him believe the state had “no case” against him.

Rittenhouse sat down with Charlie Kirk, host of The Charlie Kirk Show, and Human Events editor Jack Posobiec for an interview and spoke more in-depth about the build-up before the trial, the non-guilty verdict, and what life has been like for him since the trial ended.

“At what point in the trial were you like, okay this is going in a direction that is somewhat favorable,” Kirk asked Rittenhouse.

“There were two, actually, from when I knew the state didn’t have a case,” Rittenhouse began.

“It’s when they had their opening statements and when they put Dominick Black (Rittenhouse’s friend) on the stand, which really helped me. That’s when I knew that they didn’t have a case.”

“So the opening statements, you already knew?” Kirk said.

“Yeah,” Rittenhouse said, explaining the prosecution claiming that the teenager “chased down” Joseph Rosenbaum, “which is not true.”

“What exactly was [prosecution’s] strategy for putting Black on the stand, because his story completely lined up with your story,” Posobiec asked Rittenhouse.

“I think they called Dominick to the stand hoping that he would lie,” Rittenhouse stated. “But Dominick was under oath and he told the truth.”


At another point in the interview, Rittenhouse revealed that he is having his AR-15, which was used in self-defense after he was attacked at a Black Lives Matter rally, destroyed.

Kirk noted one of the more memorable moments from the trial, where Kenosha Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger held up Rittenhouse’s AR-15, put his finger on the trigger, and literally pointed the gun at the gallery.

Kirk played a clip of Binger holding the gun.

“He was pointing his gun at the gallery and I looked at my attorney. I said, ‘Corey [Chirafisi], that’s Gun Safety 101. Loaded or unloaded, treat a gun like it’s loaded,’” Rittenhouse said.

“This was your gun, right?” Kirk asked.

“That’s my rifle – that we’re having destroyed right now,” he replied. “We don’t want anything to do with that.”


At another point in the interview, Rittenhouse addressed what happened in the weeks after he turned himself in to police following the shooting deaths of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber and the wounding of Gaige Grosskreutz.

All of the shootings were deemed acts of self-defense earlier this month when a Kenosha, Wis., jury found the teen not guilty of murder and reckless endangerment charges.

Kirk asked Rittenhouse to explain why he was in jail for so long.


“So, when I got arrested, [attorneys] Lin Wood and John Pierce started raising funds without my family’s permission,” Rittenhouse began. “Then they went on to fight an extradition motion using a novel argument saying I was in a militia so John Pierce could be paid and Lin Wood could get paid and grow his business and profit, apparently.

“And, while doing that, I said I don’t want to fight extradition, I did nothing wrong, I wanna go litigate this in Wisconsin because I didn’t do a single thing wrong,” Rittenhouse continued.


He went on to say that the two attorneys “didn’t respect” his beliefs or wishes, but that in the end, the team lost “the extradition battle” and he “got shipped off to Wisconsin” without the attorneys’ knowledge.

Rittenhouse said Pierce “had no idea until I called him that I was in Wisconsin.”


“That is your lawyer,” Kirk asserted in disbelief.

Rittenhouse went on to say that he did not know at the time what a militia was.

“And then, Lin Wood is going on with all this ‘QAnon’ stuff — ‘Q-Lin’ — he’s just off his rails, completely insane, he needs to get on meds or something,” Rittenhouse continued.

After Kirk noted that Rittenhouse, at the time, was legally considered a minor at the age of 17, he pointed out again that his attorneys, for a time, had no idea their client was in jail in Wisconsin.

“It’s ridiculous,” he said. “I’m in Wisconsin and I have to stay there an extra 20 days because Lin Wood and John Pierce have to scramble to raise money when they had it [prior] but they wasted it on extradition instead of looking out for my best interests.

He said he was finally bailed out on Nov. 20, 2020.

“Lin Wood and John Pierce like to think they’re the heroes in this case. They’re just a bunch of fraud men,” he continued.

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