DHS Chief Of Staff Resigns As Agency Is Embroiled In Multiple Crises


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The chief of staff to the secretary for the Department of Homeland Security has resigned while the agency is facing a slew of crises.

Karen Olick, who served as the chief of staff and reported straight to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, has officially left her position.

Mayorkas alerted members of the agency by sending out an email saying that Olick “decided to resign her position and pursue new opportunities.”

In actuality, Olick was likely overwhelmed with crises that she couldn’t take it anymore.


Ranging from the unprecedented surge of illegal aliens at the U.S.-Mexico border, Biden’s disastrous handling of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, or trying to track all of the migrants and refugees who are now in America — one can see how difficult Olick’s job was, even they were self-inflicted by Joe Biden and his team.

Jennifer Higgins has been tapped to fill the position until a permanent replacement can be found. Higgins is a 20-year government employee herself, so she’ll fit right in on Biden’s team.

However, in her personal email announcing her departure, Olick hinted at how exhausting the job had become, the Washington Examiner reported.

“Though too often underappreciated by our fellow citizens, I am continually struck by how many millions of Americans sleep in safety every night because so many at DHS do not sleep,” Olick wrote.


“Her departure comes as the DHS faces a series of crises. A surge of migrants has been encountered illegally crossing the southern border each month since March, more than any time since 2000. Additionally, the DHS oversees the relocation of 100,000 Afghans who are flown to the United States in the wake of President Joe Biden’s troop withdrawal last month,” the Washington Examiner reported.

The Border Patrol chief forced out by Joe Biden is sounding the alarm that the real national security crisis is the record number of known and suspected terrorists flooding into America through the U.S.-Mexico border.

Ex-Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott is warning that there are more “known or suspected terrorists than recorded in previous years” who have crossed the southern border since Biden took office.


“Over and over again, I see other people talk about our mission, your mission, and the context of it being immigration or the current crisis today being an immigration crisis. I firmly believe that it is a national security crisis,” Scott said.

“Immigration is just a subcomponent of it. And right now it’s just a cover for massive amounts of smuggling going across the southwest border — to include TSDBs at a level we have never seen before. That’s a real threat,” he added.

“Border Patrol agents assigned to the Rio Grande Valley, Laredo, Del Rio, Big Bend, and El Paso Sectors apprehended 146,212 migrants in July, according to the Southwest Border Land Encounters report released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection late last week.”

“These include the apprehensions of 61,779 family unit aliens, 15,267 unaccompanied alien children, and 68,666 single adult aliens. While Texas is host to five of the nine southwest border sectors, the apprehension of migrants in these sectors accounts for 73 percent of the total apprehensions along the U.S.-Mexico border. The July apprehensions also show an increase from one month earlier of 16 percent,” the report added.

“Despite the ‘necessary measures,’ the apprehension of migrants illegally crossing the border from Mexico has drastically increased every month since President Joe Biden took office in January and reversed the highly successful programs put in place during the Trump administration. In February, President Biden’s first full month in office, apprehensions jumped to 97,642. Since the end of January, apprehensions jumped from 75,142 to 199,777 — an increase of 142 percent in six months, according to the CBP’s July Southwest Land Border Encounters report,” Breitbart reported.


“CBP has also adapted to changing dynamics between ports of entry along the Southwest Border, continuing to take steps to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 by expelling roughly half of those encountered under CDC’s Title 42 public health authority,” Commissioner Miller concluded in his remarks.

The total for the fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30, has reached 1.3 million.

The last time border apprehension numbers reached 1 million was in 2006.

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