D’Souza to Donate $100,000 to the Families of Jan. 6 Defendants


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Conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza and his wife Debbie will donate $100,000 to a nonprofit fund to provide immediate relief to the families of Americans arrested and detained for their involvement in the Capitol breach on January 6.

Following the day’s events, dozens of Americans who were detained and charged with a variety of offenses have languished in jail and denied bail by federal judges as Nancy Pelosi’s congressional inquiry into the events of Jan. 6 continues.

Most of the individuals charged, some of whom are nonviolent, continue to remain in pre-trial detention at the request of the Biden administration’s Justice Department.


As detailed in American Greatness, “Many remain held in a D.C. jail used specifically to house Jan. 6 protesters, creating a class of political prisoners who face an unequal system of justice based on their political views and activity. This group includes veterans, former law enforcement officers, and active military personnel.”

As a result of their continued detention, the families of those charged with committing crimes related to the Jan. 6 breach have been reportedly falling behind on paying for their basic necessities.

American Greatness writes:


Their families, meanwhile, are falling behind on mortgage and rent payments. Their small businesses have been shuttered. Utility bills, car payments, tuition installments, and day-to-day expenses are piling up with no way to pay them. Moms are worried about buying clothes and supplies for the new school year.

According to the publication, the Patriot Freedom Project was created by Cynthia Hughes, a New Jersey mother who emerged as an advocate for the detainees’ families.

Her nephew, Tim Hale-Cusanelli, was arrested on Jan. 15 alongside others allegedly present at the event and has been awaiting trial behind bars ever since.

Hughes created the non-profit organization to collect donations and provide monetary assistance to families affected by the detentions.


The website for the fund explains:

There are many men suffering inhumane disgusting unsanitary conditions in these jails! Some of these prisoners are VETERANS and ACTIVE MILITARY who are being horribly mistreated. There are also many more men and women on home confinement who are facing long prison sentences. They cannot work and properly provide for themselves and their children due to these conditions.

This means even more children will be impacted! This is not the American Way! We are supposed to live in a country where you are innocent until proven guilty! These men should be out on bond so they can support their families, but sadly this government wants to continue to exact revenge on Donald J Trump, and his supporters have now become collateral damage.

“Our group is a safe haven, a place of comfort and support,” Hughes told American Greatness’ Julie Kelly. “Women truly are struggling not only with the separation from their husband but even more so financially. Some have gone from two incomes to one or even worse none. As long as these men continue to be held in this unjust manner we the people have to step in and provide the support these families so desperately need.”

To that end, the D’Souzas are stepping up to answer the families’ calls for assistance with a significant contribution to the non-profit.

“Our reason is two-fold,” Dinesh D’Souza said to the publication. “This is a group of people that have been forgotten by America. It saddens me but also outrages me. They’ve been abandoned by their own side, which I find horrifying.”

“He hopes the generous contribution will motivate other Americans to donate as well,” wrote reporter Julie Kelly.


“I really cannot believe that we are living in the United States of America. I thought political prisoners only existed in Venezuela and other communist countries,” said Debbie D’Souza, who immigrated to the United States along with her family from Venezuela when she was a child.

“I’ve been making comparisons to the political left in America to Venezuela. There are numerous parallels. Now we have people who are incarcerated for believing anything other than the government narrative,” Debbie added.

Hughes will be appearing on D’Souza’s popular podcast this week to talk about the fund, the needs of the families affected by the arrests, and how the Patriot Freedom Project intends to allocate donations and contributions.

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