Life, love, disappointment and hope. Broken love…

Broken Love

Regret. Regret the unsaid words and be sorry for what was said. Regret if you offended someone, ask for forgiveness, otherwise tomorrow may be too late. Regret stupid actions, betrayal, and idiocy of your soul.

Broken hearts heal longer than broken knees. It’s sad, but it’s a fact. What do we do if our heart is sadly beating through our chest? Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about it. NOTHING. Our grief from broken love cannot be healed.

At first, you will not believe what is happening. You will lie to yourself that he or she will soon call, write or walk back into your life. However, that person will not come and will not call, because now you are separated. Then, you will look for any reason to meet. Random, non-random, naive meetings that will only lead you to break your heart again. A huge bleeding heart still full of love, memories, letters, funny moments, photographs and trips. Then, this will pass.

There will be anger… Wild, unrestrained anger. For what? No one knows. On who? On the object of love? Maybe. He/she did not love, did not appreciate, could not understand, and forgive. Remember, this is just a stage. It will pass.

Then, there will be life again…. Your ordinary life with school, work, friends, drinking, women, men, but no dating. Since there is no love, loyalty or devotion. From now on, your soul will look like a black hole. Full of ashes. Or a puddle full of dirty water. It does not matter. It will create an emptiness inside you, it will not wait for anything, and will not believe.

Do not listen to others advice. Do not listen to those who say that you should not write, call, look for meetings, and be friends with your ex. Do not listen to them. Do not listen to those who say that you are being used, and are not proud of you or respect you. Do not listen to your best friends.

Everything is going to be alright. Do not listen to those who say that your love must die, your love must be silent. Do you want to scream? Then Shout. Cry. It does not matter what gender or religion you are. Weep and rest assured that you will feel better.

One day, nothing special will happen. One day you will realize that the whole day you did not think about the object of love. Did not write to him or her. Did not call. You will try to let someone inside your little, wet from tears soul. It could just be a person who is nice to you and vice versa. It does not matter. He or she will be able to heal what is damaged in you. With funny conversations, jokes and memories of the past you will heal the wound. Do not seek to love this person and do nothing to make him fall in love with you. Be yourself. You will feel better.

Feel sorry that this person was not there before. That he or she only now saved you from sadness and anger. Feel sorry and then forget about it. Simply and forever.

And then you will feel how you felt when times were better. How the knees, heart and soul are tightened. How it becomes easier to breathe. Walk. Work.

Allow a person to get close to you, who sees in you someone more special than the others. Start talking, walking, laughing… And the old, broken love will die, wither and will remain just a bunch of photos.

Do we become strong curing from emotional wounds? Hardly. Do we becoming smarter? Maybe. We just become one person older. One love older, and richer by one close friend. Life becomes easier and joyful again.

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