Disney Slammed For Racially ‘Woke’ Training Material

Written by Carmine Sabia

OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author's opinion


The progressive, woke agenda, and the critical race theory that it endorses, have become in escapable in the United States.

While every race of people should take pride in who they are and in their ancestry, white people are repeatedly instructed to feel shame and guilt for who they are.

You can find this theory in many schools and in many American businesses, but the one place you may not have expected it is “the happiest place on Earth,” Disney. Unfortunately, it has reared its ugly head their as well, The Daily Mail reported.

Newly revealed Disney’s training documents show the company asked their white staff to ‘decolonize their bookshelves,’ participate in reparations and complete a ‘privilege checklist’ as part of their anti-racism training.

The media conglomerate has been slammed as becoming the ‘Wokest Place on Earth’ after the training module showed them adopting ‘critical race theory’ as part of their employee training. 

Journalist Chris Rufo who first obtained the documents, appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight where he called Disney out for promoting ‘division and self-hatred’.


“I think it should be very clear that (Disney) makes its money on middle Americans who go to their theme parks and buys their content, and those people should know that this corporation, it hates you, it hates your culture, and it hates the color of your skin, and I think Americans should reject this kind of politics and reject the companies that are pushing it,” Rufo said to Carlson.

“The great irony of this is the people in charge of are some of the richest and most powerful and privileged white males in the history of humanity, and they are pushing this divisive, critical race theory-based ideology,” he said.

He told Carlson that Disney “bombarded” its staff with trainings on “systemic racism,” “white privilege,” “white fragility” and created racially segregated “affinity groups.”

Staff were instructed to complete a “privilege checklist” and read how-to guides that included a guide titled “75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice.”

The training also told staff to “decolonize your bookshelf,” which Carlson compared to “book burning,” and to “participate in reparations” as well as embrace the movement to defund the police.

“Is there an indication of which lives matter and which lives don’t matter, according to the Walt Disney company?” Carlson questioned Rufo.

“Yeah, there is,” Rufo said, “What Disney is saying is we should reject the idea of equality, that people should be treated equally regardless of their skin color, and they say they need to pursue a policy of equity where people achieve equal outcomes, and this is the tip of the iceberg.”

But a spokesperson for the Disney company told The Daily Mail that the training documents are being “deliberately distorted as reflective of company policy.”

“Their purpose was to allow diversity of thought and discussion on the incredibly complex and challenging issues of race and discrimination that we as a society and companies nationwide are facing,” they said.

“The Disney brand has a long history of inclusivity, with stories that reflect acceptance and tolerance and celebrate people’s differences, as we have consistently demonstrated,” the spokesperson said. “As a global entertainment company we are committed to continuing to tell stories that reflect the rich diversity of the human experience.”

Diversity is a great thing. And not just diversity of race or skin color, but diversity of thought. You know, like if some of your employees do not believe in your woke nonsense they should not be subjected to it.

It is tough to imagine what the end goal of this is. Creating racially segregated groups does not sound like progress, it sounds like a journey back into a very divided and dark history. And that is not someplace anyone should aspire to go to.