GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Updates After Leftists Take Over GOP Event


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Georgia Republican Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene gave an update to her supporters about the event she tried to hold that was shut down by a group of leftists.

Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz, Greene, and other Republican lawmakers attempted to hold a press conference on Tuesday in front of the U.S. Department of Justice’s building in Washington, D.C., to speak about the treatment of those arrested and held following the January 6 mayhem.

Greene alleged that after the group of leftists shut down the press conference, the DOJ would not allow the members of Congress to enter the building.

“Myself, along with representatives Matt Gaetz, Andy Biggs, Paul Gosar, Louie Gohmert, and Bob Good, went to the Department of Justice to get answers to the information we are seeking,” Greene said in the video to her supporters.


Greene continued:

We have all sent letters about January 6th, and no one will answer our questions. We have been trying to get the answers to multiple things. In response to Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th hearing, which is nothing but a scam and a witch hunt, she is just politically propping things up to go against President Trump, myself, and others.

Today her committee started, so we went to the Department of Justice to get answers to the questions we have been asking for months. Yes!  We have been asking questions for months and have received no answers. We told them we were coming; we went to the door.

“They would not even let us in. We could not pass the bike rack area; they left members of Congress on the sidewalk. Which is like an area for security, but the security person would not let us in,” she said.


“Don’t forget Republican members of Congress were almost murdered.  BLM and Antifa riots are routine there, and there were dangerous leftists, and the Department of Justice would not even let us into the lobby,” Greene said.

“We have sent letters and asked questions over and over, and no one responds.  Several of my colleagues who were with me are on the Judicial Committee and Judicial, which by the way they have oversight over the DOJ.  They wouldn’t let any of us in.  They refused to answer our questions,” Greene concluded.



On Tuesday, Greene, Gaetz, and the other Republican lawmakers were set up outside the Department of Justice and peacefully giving speeches when left-wing protestors surrounded them.

Throughout the protest, someone can be heard blowing a whistle repeatedly in what was a clear effort to force the Republicans to stop giving their speeches.

Below are just a few clips of the outrageous event that unfolded:


As seen in the third tweet, Greene held her ground and said she will not back down.

“We will not back down. We will not stop asking questions. We are looking for the truth,” Greene said.As Greene was trying to finish her speech, videos show the leftists moving in closer to within just a few feet from the GOP lawmakers.Eventually, the Republicans shut down the event.
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