DOJ Is Going After Comey For Running A Covert Operation

We thought they were going to get away with it – but it looks like Comey might finally be going down!

You remember James Comey, right? The former FBI director carried the heavy burden of protecting the United States by serving the president.

As head of the FBI, he answered directly to the man himself, Donald Trump. You’d think that Comey would have dealt with his boss honestly—putting his concerns first.


Now, this turncoat is in big trouble.

From Zero Hedge:

Former FBI Director James Comey has been under investigation for misleading President Trump…

“Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz will file a report in September which contains evidence that Comey was misleading the president” while conducting an active investigation against him… Comey was essentially “running a covert operation” against Trump – which began with a private “defensive briefing” shortly after the inauguration.

Woah. This is pretty huge. James Comey stated on several occasions that he was not investigating Donald Trump.

This new report shows might have lied to the president’s face about it.

According to text messages now in the hands of the DOJ, Comey was conducting a “counterintelligence assessment” of the president. He even had an FBI agent at the White House to spy on the Leader of the Free World.

This mole reported on Trump and his aides to Comey—who was looking for dirt to use against the president.

And we’re supposed to believe Trump was the traitor? For years, the left has declared that Trump worked with Russia to undermine our democracy. That wasn’t proven by Mueller’s report.

Now we are learning rat Comey might have been running what is essentially a covert operation and lying to Trump.

Since when is this allowed to happen in America?

Comey took it upon himself to “monitor” the new president—as if Trump was some kind of criminal, wrongfully installed in office.

Instead of respecting the office of the president, the will of the voting public, and his own vows, Comey did what he wanted to do.

This is a new low.

Had Trump not fired Comey, imagine what he could have done to our country…

Should James Comey be held accountable?

By Adam Casalino