Donald Trump Encourages Supporters to Fight This One Issue


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Former President Donald Trump encouraged supporters to fight against Critical Race Theory (CRT) during his rally in South Carolina on Saturday night.

Trump slammed CRT, which has become a hot-button issue heading into the midterm elections as many have argued that it should not be taught in schools.

During the rally, Trump suggested that supporters should fight to keep it “out of our schools.”

“There will be no one left to defend our flag or to protect our great country or its freedom,” he said.

Trump also attacked GOP South Carolina lawmakers who have been critical of him, including Tom Rice, who voted to impeach him, and Nancy Mace, who said she was going to win re-election without or without Trump’s support.


“They’re bad people in the house who went to Washington, sold you out, and partnered with the democrats to stab the republican part, and frankly, to stab our country in the back,” the former president said, slamming them as “horrendous” RINOs.


Trump’s warnings about how Democrats have become too radical is also being echoed by HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher, who said during an hour-long interview with The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro that he could see a way that Trump could win the White House in 2024.

Maher said that’s because Democrats a flubbing a number of issues that hit close to home for the vast majority of Americans that could cost them the election, primarily over education.

In addition, the host also agreed with Shapiro that, were Trump to decide to run in the next presidential election, he would “clear the field” of GOP candidates and wind up the nominee again.


“I could see that Trump could actually win that election, easily,” Maher said. “Especially if the Democrats keep doing the stuff they are doing to piss people off, like in schools, with all that kind of stuff.

“My theme has been that, yes, both parties have a lot to answer for. Again, I told you where my politics are in general, okay? I’m not coming over to this side. I do think that Republicans are more dangerous,” the liberal host noted further.

“But what pisses people off with Democrats is so much closer to home, it’s so much up close and personal,” he added.

Maher went on to cite Democrat efforts to impeach Trump over his phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who is now embroiled in a fight to stave off a Russian invasion.

“I mean the Ukraine issue that he was impeached over,” Maher said. “Yes, I think it was an impeachable offense, absolutely. But to most people, it’s like, Ukraine? … It’s very far away, doesn’t really influence my life a lot?”

In any event, Maher went on to rip the Democratic left for pushing ‘woke’ curriculum to youngsters in public school.

“But when you have my kid coming home from school and saying, ‘Mommy, am I a racist?’ ‘You’re five. You just learned the word. What are you — ?’ That’s what I worry about with the Democrats,” the host asserted. “And in that scenario, Trump could win.”

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