Donald Trump Threatens Texas Speaker With Primary Challenge


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Donald Trump has just dropped a bomb on the Republican Speaker of the House in Texas, threatening consequences if he does not do his job and move forward with an audit of the state’s election in 2020.

“Texas Speaker of the House Dade Phelan is another Mitch McConnell. He is not fighting for the people of Texas. Speaker Phelan should immediately move the Forensic Audit bill, SB 47 by Senator Bettencourt that passed out of the State Senate this week, to the floor. The Speaker knows the bill will overwhelmingly pass the House with Republican support,” the 45th President of the United States said.

“While standing in the way of a real election audit, Speaker Phelan just weakened the penalty for voting illegally in the state of Texas from a felony to a misdemeanor, siding with the Democrats and calling their amendment that makes a mockery of our election laws “thoughtful.” After the 2020 Presidential Election Scam we need tougher penalties for cheating in our elections, not weaker ones,” he said.

“Texans are tired of Phelan’s weak RINO leadership in the State House. Texas is a very red state, even more than people know.

“If this doesn’t pass soon, we look forward to seeing him in the Texas primary. It will get done one way, or the other!” he said.


Trump won the state of Texas by six percentage points in 2020.

There is legislation in Texas that would allow party leaders to request audits in counties and set a process for reviews in the future, The Dallas Morning News reported.

The bill cleared the Senate last week in a largely party line vote. One Republican, Amarillo Sen. Kel Seliger, voted against it. Trump has since endorsed one of his primary challengers.

“Kevin Sparks of the Great State of Texas is running against RINO Texas Senator Kel Seliger, who is not helpful to our great MAGA Movement and, in fact, seems like the Texas version of Mitt Romney (and that is not good!). Kevin is a businessman, loves the people of Midland and West Texas, must WIN in order to protect our Oil and Gas Workers, defend our Southern Border, our Military and our Vets, and fight for our America First policies. Kevin Sparks has my Complete and Total Endorsement!” he said.


While the bill is now in the House, its outcome is uncertain. Abbott, who controls the special session agenda, has not added an election audit to the list of bills up for debate.

After losing the presidency almost a year ago, Trump has continued to say the election was stolen, even after dozens of judges and his own Justice Department have dismissed the allegation as baseless. In Texas, the Secretary of State’s office has called the 2020 election “smooth and secure.”

Trump also urged Phelan to increase the penalties for illegal voting back to what they were before Abbott last month signed a GOP-backed elections bill into law. Some Republicans said it was a mistake to drop them. Abbott added the issue to the special session agenda last week.

The elections bill created new criminal offenses and enhanced penalties for some that already exist. But it lowered the penalty for illegal voting from a second-degree felony to a Class A misdemeanor.

Last week, Phelan said “now is not the time to re-litigate” the election bill, which took months to pass because House Democrats fled the Capitol twice in a bid to block it.

On Saturday Trump again questioned the legitimacy of Biden’s presidency and argued that he had not conceded.

“Could you imagine if I were president and had these numbers? And I mean, some people thought — First of all he didn’t get elected. OK, forget that. And some people say, oh sir, it was COVID. Incredible. You know, they’re allowed to say that about me. They called it illegitmate. They called it everything in the book. It was fine. When I say it, now here’s the difference. Hillary conceded. I never conceded,” he said.

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