Mike Lindell Says He Had To Borrow $10 Million To Keep MyPillow’s Doors Open


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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell said that his company is in trouble and he had to borrow $10 million to keep the doors open.

He said that he borrowed “about 4 million in May, 2 million in the summer, and 4 million in September (of 2022),” in an exclusive interview with Insider.

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He said that he has spent “all” of his money on fighting for the nation against what he believes are wrongs that have been done and it has affected his personal finances too.

“I sold a building I had in Savage, in Minnesota, in October,” he said. “And I had to borrow 2 million too. I’ve spent it all on fighting for this country.”

And he said he will “get around to” selling other things like his private jet.


In an interview with Newsweek he said it “sure seems suspicious” that he was audited by the Internal Revenue Service.

“I mean, I’ve never been audited before in my life,” he said. “This is just kind of weird. You know, auditing Mike Lindell. So, it sure seems suspicious.”

“I just think that it’s very suspicious,” the CEO said. “I get attacked from every direction. The FBI took my phone. I’ve never done anything wrong.”

“They still have it,” he said. “I sued them and the government. It’s just one thing after another.”

He said that he believes the government wants to know how much money he has so they can take it.

“Where does the attack end?” Lindell said. “It kind of seems suspicious: ‘well, let’s audit him, see how much money he has left and we’ll take that too.”

“I’ve had to borrow $10 million this last year, MyPillow has,” he added. “I had to borrow $10 million to fight these lawsuits and fight everything against it.”

In February he set his sights on Republican House Speaker and California Rep. Kevin McCarthy over the January 6 tapes that he gave to Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“Lindell TV is going after Kevin McCarthy in Congress, we’re going after them, because they did it wrong,” he said, Newsweek reported.


He said that his show has been  “injured by not having access” to the videos and that it was tantamount to discrimination.

“We’re not gonna sit back and let that happen,” he said to Steve Bannon. “Why does just Fox get this? So they can cover it up even more? It’s disgusting. All of us, including War Room, we all need to see what’s on those tapes, and we need to see all of them.”

“I’ll take it all the way up. I don’t care if I don’t get it there,” he said. “We’re gonna run this all the way to the Supreme Court.”

But Lindell was not the only person who was furious that Carlson got the videos before anyone else.

“The apparent transfer of video footage represents an egregious security breach that endangers the hardworking women and men of the United States Capitol Police, who valiantly defended our democracy with their lives at risk on that fateful day,” House Minority Leader and New York Rep. Hakeem Jeffries said.


As you know, woke corporations canceled their contracts with MyPillow because Mike stood up to the powers that be.

He has lost millions fighting for justice, by his count.

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