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Eric Trump Mocks Biden For Small Crowd, Giant Teleprompter

Former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democrat nominee for President of the United States, humiliated himself again and President Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump rubbed salt in the wound.

The Democrat candidate, who has been known for having tiny crowds, was caught again speaking to a smattering of supporters, but what made it worse was the fact that the giant teleprompter at the event was bigger than the crowd, Eric Trump showed on Twitter.

“Biden needs a teleprompter to speak to 7 people?” Eric said with a hilarious video of the former vice president speaking to a crowd the size of a children’s birthday party.

“He needs a teleprompter to remember his name,” actor and politician Antonio Sabato Jr. said in a quote tweet.

But for some it was not the tiny crowd size but the super size of the teleprompter that caught their attention.

“Joe Biden uses the world’s largest teleprompter!” political activist Brigitte Gabriel said in a tweet.

“The size of this thing!” actor, and supporter of President Trump, James Woods said.

“Joe Biden’s teleprompter in action. He literally cannot speak coherently without it,” Deputy Director of Rapid Response for the Trump 2020 campaign, Jake Schneider said.

But Democrats will argue that the polls show Biden with a commanding lead even as our eyes show us that he could not draw flies if he was covered in honey.

The New York Times, the same newspaper that predicted Hillary Clinton had a 91 percent chance of being president in 2016, painted a particularly dreary picture for the president.

In the never-ending news cycle that is the 2020 presidential campaign, the polls have lagged behind. But for a moment on Thursday, before the candidates’ dueling televised town halls, the polls caught up, and they painted a clear picture: President Trump is trailing badly, even though negative developments like his performance at the first debate with Joseph R. Biden Jr. and his coronavirus hospitalization are well in the rearview mirror.

National polls released on Thursday showed Mr. Biden up by an average of more than 10 points. The most favorable one for Mr. Trump found him down by eight points. That would have been an above-average result for Mr. Biden just a few weeks ago.

Nor were there signs of improvement on the horizon for the president. The venerable NBC/WSJ poll did show Mr. Biden’s lead dropping from 14 points, right after the Sept. 29 debate, to 11 points. But that previous result looked as if it was running pretty hot for Mr. Biden, and it’s a lot easier to interpret the new result as expected movement back toward the overall average, rather than as an actual shift toward Mr. Trump.

It is interesting because, as this paper predicted Clinton would win in a landslide, the former secretary of state’s crowds dwarfed what Biden is seeing.

There was enthusiasm for the possibility of the first female president but there does not appear to be anywhere near that same level of enthusiasm for the possibility of, who would be, the oldest president to be elected.