Arizona State Senator Says ‘Eye Opening’ News Coming From Audit


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Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli says that some stunning things are going to come from the Maricopa County, Arizona election audit.

The state senator appeared on “The War Room” podcast with Steve Bannon, who was Donald Trump’s chief strategist, and had a ton to say on Thursday.

“We’re going to see what the audit team found on counting the ballots, on counting the bubbles, to see if they followed the proper procedures and policies as set forth in statute… We will see what they found and see if they found some other anomalies that shouldn’t be there. We’re going to hear it all. They’re really keeping this close to the vest. I really don’t have any heads up details of what they’re going to reveal today… This morning I’m hearing there’s going to be some very eye-opening things that are going to be revealed. And, we’re all waiting,” he said.

The meeting is scheduled today and it is supposed to bring news on what has been found to this point in the audit.


But the state senator had some choice words for Secretary of State Katie Hobbs who has had reservations about the audit and has attempted to stick monkey wrenches in it.

“These people are nuts. They’re out of control. They’re accusing all of the voters — questioning their integrity. The Secretary of State should be removed. She should resign. And so should all the County Supervisors, period!” he said.

Hobbs made news last week when she announced that she wanted a criminal investigation started against Donald Trump and his allies, AZ Central reported.

On Wednesday she asked Attorney General Mark Brnovich, a Republican, to open a criminal investigation into whether Trump and his allies did anything to interfere with the election audit in Maricopa County.


She said that some communications “involve clear efforts to induce supervisors to refuse to comply with their duties,” which could be a violation of the state’s laws.

She mentioned The Arizona Republic’s reporting saying that there were voicemails text and text messages from the White House, Rudy Giuliani, and Kelli Ward, the Arizona Republican Party Chair, to the Republican members of the Board of Supervisors.

“The reporting also includes firsthand statements from the victims of this potential crime,” she said.

Brnovich did not immediately comment on Hobbs’ request, which was emailed directly to the attorney general shortly after 1 p.m.


Late Wednesday, Rep. Ruben Gallego, D-Ariz., called on U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland to examine the possibility of “an extremely serious crime” in what Gallago called a “pressure campaign” exerted by the Trump campaign and party officials.

Their efforts “reflect a disturbing trend following the 2020 election of Trump advisors and allies, and even former President Trump himself, committing potential crimes to overturn the election,” Gallego wrote.

The U.S. Justice Department did not have an immediate response earlier Wednesday when asked whether it might look into the matter.  

The issue gets murky because Hobbs is running for governor next year and is a Democrat and it is tough not to see the political overtones.

Attacking Trump and promising to imprison him could work well for any Democrat seeking to advance their careers, similar to the “lock her up” chants directed at Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election that never led to her even being charged with any crimes.

“As you said just last week, ‘Fair elections are the cornerstone of our republic, and they start with rational laws that protect both the right to vote and the accuracy of the results,’” she said to Brnovich in her letter asking for an investigation. “Arizona law protects election officials from those who would seek to interfere with their sacred duties to ascertain and certify the will of the voters.”


But for his part Brnovich has vowed to fight any attempts by the Joe Biden administration into getting involved with, or micromanaging, Arizona’s elections.

“The courts are not in the mood for this nonsense…if you look at the hypocrisy of the left, there are states like New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, the list goes on and on, that have way more restrictions when it comes to voting than Arizona does. We offer a plethora of options. So if indeed the Biden administration wants to take our state to court, I will fight them, and to quote Al Davis, ‘We will just win, baby,’” he said on The Faulkner Focus, Fox News reported.

“It’s going to make it much more difficult for DOJ to proceed with these publicity stunts, and let’s make no mistake, that’s what they are. The Biden administration is trying to appease the far left of the party, and what they are doing is shredding the rule the Department of Justice traditionally had,” he said.

“I worked at DOJ at one point and the idea that they’re going to kind of selectively go into red states and file lawsuits because they want to micromanage our elections is really not only contrary to the Constitution, but it exposes how political this is because we know that there are a whole host of left-wing states with way more restrictions than a state like Arizona has. So shame on the DOJ, shame on the Bush administration for caving to left-wing activists,” he said.

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