Fans Ecstatic After Familiar Fox News Host Returns To ‘The Five’


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Fans expressed their support for a Fox News personality who is not normally a co-host of “The Five” but joined the popular afternoon program on Wednesday and sat in for regular Dana Perino.

“So fun to be with these guys today. I’ll join @TheFive again later this week,” Shannon Bream posted on Twitter.

Bream joined the network in 2007 and is currently the host of “Fox News Sunday,” taking over from Chris Matthews, who left the network last year over a disagreement about a short series about the January 6 Capitol Building riot produced and hosted by Tucker Carlson for the network’s streaming service, Fox Nation.

Bream’s appearance on The Five drew praise and approval from fans, one of whom posted on Twitter, “You always do a good job, great personality!”

“You are awesome Shannon. I love to see you on the Five and any where on Fox News,” said another user.

“They did a great job promoting your book. Very funny. And you were great on the show. Everybody is. And everybody who fills in is, too. It’s like the team lifts everyone’s game. The cast members are distinct, but they play off each other well,” another user tweeted.

“You are way too nice for the five lol,” someone else wrote.

“Like a breath of fresh air, Shannon!” yet another user noted.


Her appearance comes as her new book “Love Stories of the Bible Speak: Biblical Lessons on Romance, Friendship and Faith,” launched this week.

“The Bible looks at romance, friendship, community and God’s unconditional love for YOU. What does the Bible actually say about sex and romance? Plenty! I hope you enjoy these inspiring characters!” she posted on Instagram.

The latest book is a follow-up to a pair of previous tomes. In 2021 she released “The Women of the Bible Speak: The Wisdom of 16 Women and Their Lessons for Today.” As per Bream’s biography on Fox News, her book remained on The New York Times bestseller list for 15 weeks, with five of those weeks at the number one spot.

Last March, Bream released “Mothers and Daughters of the Bible Speak,” which also hit the top of The New York Times bestseller list.

In an interview posted to YouTube, the popular Fox News host and personality discussed her latest work.

“The thing I love about the Bible is we do have these very specific love stories. I think about Ruth and Boaz and Mary and Joseph and Adam and Eve. You know the perfect plan that God had for us and how we’re called to sacrifice for each other,” she said.

Bream added that “sometimes Christians don’t really delve into that or think the Bible says much about that, but God created all of it; like we’re not surprising him with anything. He created this for us.”

In addition, she said that to her, Joseph “was really modeling for us that sacrificial committed love” and noted as well that she focused on him in the book “to give him maybe a little more credit than he usually gets.”

On Tuesday’s show, co-host Greg Gutfeld became frustrated with the panel’s liberal colleague during a discussion about guns and gun control in the wake of the Nashville Christian school shooting.

“I agree with Greg about the reporting issue. I guess we are part of the problem right now that we’re doing that,” said co-host Jessica Tarlov, who was responding to a point Gutfeld had made earlier about it being too early to talk authoritatively about the incident since all the facts and details were not yet known.


“When you say, ‘I don’t know if the shooter had a mental problem,’ she did,” Tarlov noted further, another reference to a comment that was made earlier in the segment.

“You don’t kill children. You don’t kill people that you don’t know – or maybe she didn’t know them, maybe they were there when she was in school – if you don’t have a mental illness problem,” she noted further.

“I would also add that Republicans are incessantly talking about preserving our children’s youth. This is a precious time in life. That’s why we can’t have certain books on their shelves, why we can’t have drag queen story hour, whatever it is,” she continued.

“If you’re telling me that you don’t think that having armed guards all over our preschools isn’t robbing children of their youth. I don’t know what to tell you. That is more traumatizing than any line that I have read in any book,” she claimed.

“More traumatizing than this?” co-host Jesse Watters interjected.

“But it doesn’t, it hasn’t even been proven out that that is the solution to this. This is also a very different case. It is a private school. It’s a religious school. As Katie [Pavlich] mentioned here, we have a biological female shooter. Less than 1% of the shootings that go on in this country are women that carry them out,” Tarlov responded, adding she wanted to know more facts.

“We don’t know what the facts are. We don’t know,” interrupted co-host Jeanine Pirro.

“This is why shouldn’t be talking about this,” Gutfeld interjected, cutting the others off.

“What?” Pirro asked from across the table.

“This is such a joke. All we do is speculate about this stuff. We don’t know anything about how she got the guns,” Gutfeld responded, growing visibly upset.

“I just said that! I just said, we don’t know,” fired back Pirro.

“I’m talking to her. Control yourself,” Gutfeld said, referring to Tarlov as he rolled his eyes.

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