Faulkner, Panel Knock Biden Campaign’s Plan To Reach Younger Voters


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The Harris Faulkner-led “Outnumbered” panel on Fox News criticized the Biden campaign’s strategy for attracting younger voters, including a variety of freebies and sex-related gifts.

The segment began with co-host Emily Compagno pointing out President Biden’s tanking approval numbers among young Americans while she knocked some of the ideas the campaign is planning to implement.

“Biden is set to hold a second ritzy fundraiser with [Barack Obama], George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Jimmy Kimmel in Los Angeles later this week. And Biden allies of the president are also launching a new superPAC aimed at the young voters: Won’t PAC Down,” she began.

“It’s hired millennials and Gen Z writers, producers, and directors to craft Pro-Biden content to try and sell the 81-year-old to young voters. And a group of Democratic donors are reportedly trying out — just wait for this — new party events, party-style events to court young adults. They include free beer, manicures, birth control pills, and a sweepstakes to win a month’s worth of rent,” she added.


That led to responses from panelist Tudor Dixon and co-host Harris Faulkner.

“They’re preying on everything these kids are worried about. They’re worried about their futures. They’re giving them contraception. They’re worried about their loans. They’re giving them free rent. I mean, they are giving them — they’re buying their votes. And it’s not illegal. That’s the scary thing. It’s not illegal, and it’s effective,” Dixon said.

“And where are we? Where are we? I will tell you, we’re not there. They’re on Instagram. They’re on Snapchat. They have the best producers in the country. The producers who make us cry, who make us feel like heroes, who make us sad, who make us happy. They make us feel emotion. They are now going out to these people on Instagram, on Snapchat. They’re making the ads. They will make them vote,” she predicted.

That led Faulkner to respond: “So what you’re saying is they are manipulating these young people through their addictions. You know, this sounds like the list… I don’t know if dental dams were on this one, but this sounds like the protesters’ list over at Columbia University and all these swank East Coast schools that were, you know, trafficking in anti-Israel and Jewish hate.


“I mean, it’s like they cultivated that movement and decided they would pay them to vote. And I got to tell you, if they become the majority, we’re in trouble. I mean, do you want people whose motto is, and they took this right out of the ’50s and ’60s, ‘battle by day, love at night,’ which needs birth control and dental dams and food?” she said.

“Remember the people at Columbia? They needed food and water. Forget about asking for it for the cause of Palestinians. They weren’t doing that. They needed to be sustained on their $ 100,000-a-year education. That’s what this looks like. So, through their addiction to social media, they will manipulate them,” Faulkner said.

Younger voters have long been supporters of Democrats, for the most part, but in the age of the elderly and declining Biden, that appears to be changing.


In yet another survey, Biden loses younger voters under 30 to former President Donald Trump ahead of the 2024 elections.

Fox News published a March study that found 51 percent of voters younger than 30 plan to vote for Trump in November, while only 45 percent said they intend to support Biden. Newsweek reported that this is a sizeable shift from 2020 when Biden easily won the lion’s share of younger voters.

“[The] Fox News poll also found Biden’s support slipping among black and Hispanic voters. He won 66 percent of black voters, while 28 percent said they would vote for Trump. Meanwhile, Hispanic voters were nearly split, with 49 percent backing Biden and 48 percent saying they plan to vote for Trump,” Newsweek noted further.

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