FBI Arrests Democrat On Fraud Charges – He Faces 30 Years In Prison

Another day, another corrupt lawmaker has been arrested and charged for breaking the law.

Agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Internal Revenue Service have arrested a Massachusetts state House lawmaker on more than two dozen corruption charges for embezzling campaign funds and bank and tax fraud.

Massachusetts Democratic State Rep. David Nangle was arrested at his home in Lowell early Tuesday morning by FBI agents.

Nangle, who serves on the state’s House Ethics Committee, is facing up to 30 years in prison for and illegally and unethically using campaign funds to live a lavish lifestyle.

According to the unsealed 28-count indictment, the Democratic politician allegedly conducted a scheme that began in 2014 that allowed him to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from his campaign, a bank and the IRS to make personal purchases and to cover his gambling habit.

“As alleged, Rep. Nangle used the power of his position on Beacon Hill to fund a lifestyle out of his reach, unwittingly financed by those who put him there, while also cheating you, the taxpayers,” Special Agent in Charge Joseph R. Bonavolonta of the FBI Boston Division said in a statement. “Today’s arrest should be a warning to others that corruption in any form, at any level of government, will not be tolerated.”

Here’s more from the Boston Globe on the allegations:

The 28-page indictment alleges that from 2014 to 2019, the 59-year-old former ethics committee chairman was heavily in debt as a result of “extensive gambling” at several casinos and at Internet gambling sites, and to sustain his habit he used campaign funds, defrauded his bank and failed to report income to the IRS.

He also used the funds to cover golf club dues, rent cars and buy flowers for his girlfriends, gas, hotels, and restaurants.

Nangle is accused of stealing more than $70,000 from his campaign through the use of a debit card and buying gift cards purportedly for his staff and using them for his own expenses.

In total, he faces 28 charges, including 10 counts of wire fraud, four counts of bank fraud, nine counts of making false statements to a bank, and five counts of filing false tax returns.

If convicted, Nangle faces up to 30 years in prison for the wire and bank fraud charges, prosecutors said.

Seems like corrupt Democrats have been charged and arrested lately.

Below are just a few examples:

— A Democratic mayor has been charged with seven counts of bribery, one count of conspiring to commit bribery, and 18 counts of wire fraud.┬áIf found guilty on all 26 felony counts and ordered to serve 20 years for each crime, he could be sentenced to 520 years in federal prison.

–Democrat mayor was arrested at his home after accepting a $5,000 bribe from federal agents.

–Fall River Democratic Mayor Jasiel Correia was arrested on charges that he conspired to extort hundreds of thousands of dollars from companies in his district.

–A Democratic representative was arrested and charged after impersonating a police officer and trying to buy cocaine while driving under the influence.

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