Federal Judge Indefinitely Blocks Biden’s 100-Day Pause in Deportations


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A federal judge in Houston did exactly the right thing late Tuesday when he permanently blocked Joe Biden from imposing a 100-day moratorium on the vast majority of illegal alien deportations.

In his preliminary injunction, U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton agreed with the state of Texas that imposing the moratorium was a violation of federal law that also would impose additional expenditures on the Lone Star State.

Tipton’s injunction extends a previous temporary moratorium he issued on Jan. 26; that order was going to expire on Tuesday.


As the feeble Biden was led into the Oval Office last month following his inauguration, a stack of executive orders awaited his highness; one of those was an order imposing a 100-day ban on most deportations.

It was among the first of many signals to the third world that the United States was once more open for invasion and America’s borders were going to be wide open again, save for the 450-odd miles of new wall built during the Trump administration.

Speaking of Trump, he appointed Tipton, who ruled that Biden’s order violated federal laws on administrative procedure.


Tipton also found that the Biden regime neglected to justify why a deportation pause was necessary in the first place — through it’s understandable that Biden’s left-wing handlers would leave out that part since “political expediency” and “so we can change the country’s founding culture” aren’t valid reasons.

But there are many more Biden orders that dismantled Trump’s “America First” immigration enforcement policies that remain in effect — so many, in fact, that former DHS officials under Trump have said there really isn’t much immigration enforcement infrastructure remaining.

One of them is former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Tom Homan. In an interview last week with The Epoch Times, he said so much enforcement infrastructure has been dismantled or made moot by Biden, “It’s almost like it’s not illegal to be illegally in the United States anymore.”

The outlet reported:


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on Feb. 18 announced new enforcement priorities that will focus on three groups of illegal immigrants: national security threats such as known or suspected terrorists; those who crossed the border illegally after Nov. 1, 2020; and public safety threats who are convicted of aggravated felonies.

If an ICE agent encounters an illegal immigrant who does not fall into those three categories, he or she must get prior approval from higher-ups in order to detain them.

And we know how that is going to go.

“They say it’s public safety, but it’s only the worst of the worst,” Homan said.

“When it comes to assault, when it comes to robbery and burglary, and all these other crimes that they’ve taken off the table, they’ve pretty much sent a message to the rest of the world [that] it’s OK to enter the country illegally—as long as you don’t commit a few of the most serious crimes, you’re free to stay, because ICE isn’t looking for you,” he added.


Not satisfied with “sanctuary cities,” Biden’s handlers obviously want to create a “sanctuary country.”

Let’s hope there are more Trump-appointed federal judges who ensure the regime follows the law.

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