Marjorie Taylor Greene Announces Federal Lawsuit Against Nancy Pelosi


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Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has been a thorn in the side of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts since she got to Congress, and now she is taking it a step further.

On Monday night, MTG announced on Twitter that she, and others, are bringing forward a lawsuit against Pelosi.

“We’re announcing a federal lawsuit against @SpeakerPelosi, the Queen of the #HouseOfHypocrites. Proud to have @RepThomasMassie and @RepRalphNorman standing by my side. See you at 10:15 am,” she said.

It is not currently known what the lawsuit will be about, but Reps. Massie and Norman had tweeted about Pelosi on Tuesday morning.


“If Pelosi really wanted answers, she wouldn’t have blocked @RepJimBanks and @Jim_Jordan from the Jan 6th Select Committee. Instead, Pelosi’s partisan circus kicks off today. What a joke,” Norman said.

And Massie responded to a story that highlighted an interview Pelosi had this weekend in which she said that she wants House members to go back to wearing masks.

“We will fight this. She wants masks nationwide, she wants them on all of our school kids this fall. She knows if she can make it happen for the TV cameras in the House chamber, she can make it happen anywhere. Not happening Pelosi!” he said.


It comes on the same week that Rep. Jim Banks, who was denied being on the Jan. 6 commission by Pelosi, said that she was the person most responsible for the attacks that day at the Capitol.

Banks appeared on “Fox News Sunday” and said that it was Pelosi who was responsible for the “breakdown of security” on January 6 at the Capitol.

“Nancy Pelosi is not interested in an investigation. She’s only interested in a narrative,” he said.

“Once you go up to the top of the flagpole of who is in charge of the Capitol Police… Due to the rules of the United States Capitol, the power structure of the Capitol, Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, has more control and authority and responsibility over the leadership of the Capitol Police than anyone else in the United States Capitol,” he said on Sunday.

“So, she doesn’t want us to ask these questions because at the end of the day, she is ultimately responsible for the breakdown of security at the capitol that happened on January 6,” the representative said.


Martha MacCallum was the guest host on Sunday and she mentioned the fact that Rep. Liz Cheney, one of the Republicans that Speaker Pelosi picked for the committee, had defended Pelosi’s decision to remove Reps. Banks and Jim Jordan.

“Whether it’s Speaker Pelosi or Liz Cheney or anyone who sits on this committee, it’s clear that those are questions that we should be demanding answers to. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want me on that committee, but she also doesn’t want us to ask those questions because it leads to a series of answers that don’t fit her narrative,” he said.

He also responded to Pelosi’s message on the ABC show “This Week” hours before where she said that she is considering appointing fellow anti-Trump Rep. Adam Kinzinger to the committee.

“It’s clear that Pelosi only wants members on this committee who will stick to her talking points and stick to her narrative,” he said.

She appeared on ABC’s “This Week” and told host George Stephanopoulos that she intends to appoint more Republicans, other than RINO Rep. Liz Cheney, to her commission and she mentioned one by name.

“That would be my plan,” Pelosi said of adding more Republicans to the committee.


“When will that be announced?” Stephanopoulos inquired.

“Perhaps after I speak to Adam Kinzinger,” she said. “You could say that that’s the direction that I would be going on.”

She then went on later that day to appoint Kinzinger to her anti-Trump commission.

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