Find out the 10 main qualities to be a leader


Leadership begins with the personal qualities of the leader.
—Franz Hesselbain

Complex studies and calculations based on the trigonometric formula of leadership, answers the question:
“What should a leader be?”

10 main qualities of the leader

1. Energy
only an active and enterprising person can lead other people.
2. Reliability
to be an authority for others, it is necessary that they see in you the stability of their future.
3. Enthusiasm
without enthusiasm and enthusiasm for a loved one, a person will never become a real leader.
4. Initiative
the leader should always be one step ahead of the rest.
5. Decisiveness
a person who does not know how to make the right decisions at the crucial moment cannot be a leader.
6. Objectivity
the real leaders do not have “favorites” and “bad”, they evaluate the situation from all sides.
7. Persistence
without this quality the leader is simply impossible.
8. Ambition
is an obligatory quality. How can a leader be a man who does not strive for anything.
9. Communicative
the ability to communicate with people plays a significant role in the life of each person, not to mention the leader.
10. Judgment
a real leader always knows how to objectively weigh the pros and cons and make the right decision.

What else can you identify about the main features of a leader?

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