‘That’s BS!’: Greg Gutfeld Tears Into Geraldo Rivera – ‘I’m Not Allowing You To Tell Me To Wear A Mask’


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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld got into it with Geraldo Rivera over the Biden administration, and many Democrat state’s COVID-19 policies that Gutfeld said was “creeping” authoritarianism.

The argument came on Tuesday during the popular Fox News show “The Five” where the two men, along with their cohosts, talked about the comments made by liberal Bari Weiss talking to fellow liberal Bill Maher on his HBO show “Real Time” when she said she was “done with COVID.”

“There are some polls saying that younger people are more worried than medically vulnerable older people, is that indoctrination?” Jeanine Pirro, the newest cohost of “The Five” said.


“I like Bari Weiss and Bill Maher, but I’m with Whoopi Goldberg: ‘How dare you be so flippant?’” Rivera said.

“It’ll come,” he said of the pandemic eventually ending. “It is happening. Why rush it? And in terms of those Virginia parents, they send their unvaccinated kid to a school that’s requiring vaccinations, they have to get ready for that child to be isolated in the auditorium because that’s the rule.”

He said that it was one thing for a person to risk it for themselves but not OK for them to risk giving the virus to someone else, even as science says the vaccinated can spread it.

“You are making the choice not to be vaccinated, you give the disease to someone who has not made that choice, a kid under five years old,” he said. “I think that — just calm down, it’s coming.”


Pirro then talked about new Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin ending the mask mandate for schools.

“The governor says they don’t have to wear a mask, the schools are now segregating the kids,” she said.

“Effective risk management is not flippant. I don’t see anything flippant about that. When the risk is minuscule, if you understand risk management, you become the adult in the room and you make the decision. It’s the person –” Gutfeld said before Rivera interrupted.

“You can’t make the decision for me,” Rivera said.


“Yes, I can! I’m not allowing you to tell me to wear a mask,” Gutfeld said, which Rivera responded to by saying he would not be welcome in his house.

“I’m not coming over to your giant house?” Gutfeld said.

“People are okay with this creeping incrementalism, this authoritarianism. It does not land on your planet and a giant crate marked ‘authoritarianism,’” Gutfeld argued. “It’s like the slow-boiling water that a frog is placed in and you don’t know until entertainers and journalists and the radical we have known for years, Geraldo starts sounding like The Man, starts embracing the side of enforcement, starts saying like, ‘We can’t have any risk in our lives! It all has to be zero, or you’re evil!’ That’s B.S., right?”


“And right now, you have to beware of wars that don’t have endings, we saw that with Afghanistan, we saw that with the drug war, if you don’t want to war without an end, it’s up to the sentiment of the population to declare the war over. That means you stop wearing your mask. If you go to stores, and you go to restaurants, or any establishment and they ask you to wear a mask, you say, ‘You know what, I’m following the science’ and you leave,” he said. “It’s time for everybody, I’m not talking about me, I’m not talking about Don Lemon, I’m not talking about Whoopi, I’m talking about the as Americans, the viewers, the general public, they have to civilly disobey an end this thing once and for all, because the problem is the government is lying to you. They act as if the risk of a 10-year-old is the same as an obese 65-year-old smoker, that’s b.s., stop applying different risk to different people.”

“It’s also a question of manners, good manners,” Rivera responded. “If you scare people by not wearing a mask, it’s bad manners.”

“You called people flippant who have actively been thinking about this for two years, there is no flippancy in making a risk management decision,” Gutfeld said.

“Take a deep breath, one more month, two more months,” Rivera said.


“We’ve been saying this for years … Let’s flatten Geraldo’s curve,” Gutfeld said.

“If it wasn’t for Omicron, we would’ve been out of this,” Rivera argued.

“Omicron is highly contagious and mild. The masks don’t work, it is time to get back to normal, even if normal is living with COVID, we have to understand what we have lost, because you have accepted the incrementalism of authoritarianism, you got used to the boiling water, Geraldo! That’s so not Geraldo in the 1970s. That’s not Geraldo in the ’80s, that’s not even Geraldo of the ’90s,” Gutfeld said.

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