‘The Five’ Co-Host Tarlov Launches Broadside Against Trump Over Gaffes


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Jessica Tarlov, the lone liberal co-host of Fox News’ top-rated “The Five,” tried to insinuate that former President Donald Trump’s mental capacities are similar to those of President Joe Biden during a show segment on Wednesday.

The panel was discussing an Axios report that said the White House has made some major adjustments to help prevent President Joe Biden from falling so much, such as changing to sneakers instead of dress shoes and using a shorter set of stairs to board Air Force One. In addition, the report said Biden has undergone physical therapy since late 2021.

Tarlov responded by ticking off mistakes Trump has made within just the past 10 days, including when he “said you need an ID to buy bread. Has anyone shown ID to get Wonder bread lately?”

“He said that he ran against Obama in 2016. He ran against Hillary Clinton,” Tarlov continued. “He warned that Biden will get us into World War II, which I’m pretty sure we already fought and won. And yesterday, he confused Jeb Bush and George W. Bush and said Jeb got us involved in the Middle East.”

Tarlov then ripped what she described as Trump’s “authoritarian posts” on his Truth Social platform.

She noted that Trump hinted that outgoing Joint Chiefs chairman and Army Gen. Mark Milley was guilty of treason for consulting with the Chinese during the tumultuous post-2020 election period and said he threatened to investigate Comcast, the parent company of NBCUniversal, NBC News and MSNBC, if he won back the presidency.


“Can you imagine if Biden said, ‘You know what, I’m going to look into that Fox News? They don’t seem to like me over there,’” asked Tarlov.

“This may be the choice that people have. Trump versus Biden laid bare here,” co-host Martha MacCallum responded.

“At least Trump can say ‘LL Cool J,’” said Jesse Watters.


Meanwhile, Biden has clearly lost several steps when it comes to his mental status, with daily references on social media to his inability to articulate clear sentences during speeches and other gaffes.

“Biden’s team is said to be determined to protect the 80-year-old president from taking yet another spill in public, which could hurt his electability after a recent poll showed that three-quarters of Americans consider him too old to serve a second term in office,” Axios noted in its report.


Biden has been seeing physical therapist Drew Contreras since November 2021 to do exercises aimed at improving his balance. He’s been doing them most mornings on the advice of his personal physician, who described them as “proprioceptive maintenance maneuvers” in the president’s health summary released in February, the outlet noted further.

The New York Post noted further:

The commander-in-chief’s balance issues — likely related to what his doctor diagnosed as arthritis in his spine and foot — have been thrown into sharp relief after several alarming stumbles.

Biden tripped over a sandbag and fell after delivering the commencement speech at the US Air Force Academy in June.

Since that incident, Biden has been more frequently sporting athletic footwear, as opposed to more slippery dress shoes. The president also has taken to using a shorter flight of stairs on Air Force One, after several awkward stumbling mishaps on his way to the higher flight deck.

Biden tripped three times and then fell to his knees in March 2021 while attempting to climb the longer staircase to Air Force One. It happened again in February of this year as Biden lost his footing while ascending the stairway as he was leaving Poland.

“But even the shorter, 14-step staircase has proven to be a challenge for Biden, who was seen stumbling and bracing himself before flying out of Helsinki, Finland, in July,” The Post added.

In July, POLITICO noted, in a story headlined, “Biden downplays age talk — but subtle accommodations are being made,” the bizarre appearance of Biden, who had stepped off Marine One wearing tennis shoes without socks.

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