Alyssa Milano Mocked On Twitter After She Falls Flat On Her Face Taking Swipe At Elon Musk


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Virtue signaling is tough business. It is even tougher when the person who is virtue signaling does not know what they are talking about.

Actress Alyssa Milano is an expert at virtue signaling and she did it again this weekend when she announced that she was trading in her Tesla for a Volkswagen electric vehicle in protest after Elon Musk, the Tesla CEO, purchased Twitter.

“I gave back my Tesla,” Milano, she said. “I bought the VW ev. I love it. I’m not sure how advertisers can buy space on Twitter. Publicly traded company’s products being pushed in alignment with hate and white supremacy doesn’t seem to be a winning business model.”

White supremacy stinks. And do you know who were the most evil practitioners of white supremacy? The Nazis.

And do you know which car company has ties to the Nazis during its early days? Volkswagen.

That was a point driven home by several respondents, including Musk.

“Volkswagen was literally founded by the Nazi’s and Hitler,” the Hodge Twins said, to which Musk responded with the 100 emoji and laughing emoji.


“Wait till you learn who founded Volkswagen!” Political strategist Pete D’Abrosca said. reported.

On May 28, 1937, the government of Germany—then under the control of Adolf Hitler of the National Socialist (Nazi) Party—forms a new state-owned automobile company, then known as Gesellschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagens mbH. Later that year, it was renamed simply Volkswagenwerk, or “The People’s Car Company.”

Originally operated by the German Labor Front, a Nazi organization, Volkswagen was headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany. In addition to his ambitious campaign to build a network of autobahns and limited access highways across Germany, Hitler’s pet project was the development and mass production of an affordable yet still speedy vehicle that could sell for less than 1,000 Reich marks (about $140 at the time). To provide the design for this “people’s car,” Hitler called in the Austrian and German automotive engineer Ferdinand Porsche. In 1938, at a Nazi rally, the Fuhrer declared: “It is for the broad masses that this car has been built. Its purpose is to answer their transportation needs, and it is intended to give them joy.” However, soon after the KdF (Kraft-durch-Freude)-Wagen (“Strength-Through-Joy” car) was displayed for the first time at the Berlin Motor Show in 1939, World War II began, and Volkswagen halted production. After the war ended, with the factory in ruins, the Allies would make Volkswagen the focus of their attempts to resuscitate the German auto industry.

There is no evidence to indicate that Volkswagen has any ties to white supremacy, white nationalism or Nazis currently, nor for the decades since WWII.

But Musk has not been in the habit of making many friends in recent times.

Musk has given his stamp of approval for one Republican candidate in the next presidential election as he tore into the administration of President Joe Biden.

It started when Tim Young shared a story and captioned it “It’s been a week since @elonmusk brought Trump back… and without him even tweeting once… The left can’t handle it.”

That set off a firestorm of tweets by Musk who opined on the former president not tweeting and on who he would vote for in 2024.


“I’m fine with Trump not tweeting. The important thing is that Twitter correct a grave mistake in banning his account, despite no violation of the law or terms of service. Deplatforming a sitting President undermined public trust in Twitter for half of America,” he said.

“As a reminder, I was a significant supporter of the Obama-Biden presidency and (reluctantly) voted for Biden over Trump.

“But freedom of speech is the bedrock of a strong democracy and must take precedence. My preference for the 2024 presidency is someone sensible and centrist. I had hoped that would the case for the Biden administration, but have been disappointed so far,” he said.

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In another tweet a Twitter user said “Would you support Ron DeSantis in 2024, Elon?” to which Musk responded “Yes” and that sent DeSantis’ name straight to the trending topics on Twitter.

“But Twitter as a platform must be fair to all,” he said.