Former Co-Host Of ‘The Five’ Has Passed Away


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Bob Beckel, a longtime Democratic strategist and former co-host of the Fox News program “The Five,” died on Monday.

Beckel’s friend and co-author Cal Thomas shared the tragic news on Facebook.

“My friend and spiritual brother, Bob Beckel, has passed into the presence of the Lord he loved. We did so many things together and I hope we modeled what two people of different political persuasions can be like when they love one another. For ten years we wrote the “Common Ground” column for USA Today and a book by that title. The name of his ironically titled autobiography is “I Should Be Dead.” It is a highly readable book about a difficult life that was dramatically changed in the last 15 years. I will see you soon Bob. You are loved,” Thomas wrote in the post.

Tributes from fans and former colleagues rolled in.

“He was always full of joy, happiness, light, sunshine. He loved God and Jesus, and we miss him already. God bless you. Godspeed, Bob Beckel,” said a visibly emotional Sean Hannity.

As he signed off his show Monday night, in place of his typical “let not your heart be troubled,” Hannity said, “My heart is troubled.”


Laura Ingraham added, “He was an old-time liberal who you could fight with … but we always had a laugh afterward.”

Todd Starnes: “Bob Beckel, a former colleague at Fox News, has died. He was a good man. Bob was well known for turning his home into an outrageous winter wonderland during Christmas. Our prayers are with the Beckel family.”

Ryan James Girdusky: “He was funny as hell. Loved watching him. Rest in peace Bob”

Brian Riedl, Manhattan Institute: “RIP Bob Beckel. I always had extra respect for political commentators like him who sign with networks where they will always be outnumbered and a foil for an audience that leans the other direction. That takes guts, good nature, humor, and a true debaters spirit.”


Katie Pavlich: “Very sad to hear Bob Beckel has passed. Sitting at the table with him was fun and he always asked me if I approved of his tie. RIP.”

Mike Emanuel, Fox News: “Rest In Peace, Bob.”


“Robert Gilliland Beckel was born in New York City. He entered politics by serving in Robert F. Kennedy’s 1968 presidential campaign and served in the Peace Corps. In 1977, he was named Deputy Assistant Secretary of State during the Carter Administration, where Beckel assisted with the Panama Canal Treaties and the SALT II arms reduction treaty,” the Daily Wire reported.

“In 1984, he managed the presidential campaign of former Vice President Walter Mondale, coining Mondale’s second-most memorable quip of the campaign. Facing an unexpectedly strong challenge from then-Senator Gary Hart (D-CO), Mondale rattled off the issues they agreed upon before quoting a popular Wendy’s ad of the day: “When I hear your new ideas, I’m reminded of that ad: Where’s the beef?” It was later revealed that Mondale had never seen the ad, and Beckel had to act it out for the candidate. Mondale captured the nomination, only to President Ronald Reagan in a 49-state landslide, nearly losing his home state of Minnesota in the process,” the Daily Wire added.

“In 2011, Beckel became a founding co-host of the Fox News show “The Five,” as well as its only liberal panelist. Often outnumbered four-to-one, Beckel defended his left-of-center views with humor and goodwill. In 2015, Beckel underwent back surgery and entered rehab for addiction to prescription pain medication, leaving the air for four months. Fox News fired Beckel that June,” the report added.

Beckel rejoined “The Five” in January 2017, but was fired after the liberal host reportedly made “an insensitive remark to an African-American employee.”

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