Former Obama Official Says Harris Presidency Likely If Biden Is Reelected


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Former Obama administration official Van Jones has admitted what many people believe about Vice President Kamala Harris.

He appeared on “CNN NewsNight” on Friday when he said that another Biden stint in the White House would likely mean that Harris would become president.

He said that “it’s hard to imagine” the same president that “you saw yesterday” at the debate “making it four-and-a-half more years. And so, you do have to acknowledge, there is a high likelihood that a Joe Biden victory ultimately means Kamala Harris will be president.”

“This has been something that they have described as a conservative talking point, a hitjob, that she’s really the one on the ballot. But it seems like, at this very moment, that is true,” CNN anchor Abby Phillip said.

“Yeah. Because, look, Joe Biden did a great job today, and that was a relief for a lot of people, but it’s hard to unsee yesterday. And it’s hard to imagine the guy you saw yesterday making it four-and-a-half more years. And so, you do have to acknowledge, there is a high likelihood that a Joe Biden victory ultimately means Kamala Harris will be president. So, people need to make the decision, do you feel comfortable? Do you feel good about that?” the former Obama official said.


Harris became agitated when CNN anchor Anderson Cooper questioned her about calls for Biden to be “replaced” following his widely negative debate performance.

In what was the first-ever presidential debate for the general election, Biden and former President Donald Trump faced off in CNN’s debate on Thursday night. The results are in. Although President Biden’s performance improved after a few fatal early blunders, it was insufficient to stop several Democrats from screaming for him to step down.

Following the debate, Harris made the rounds, going so far as to speak with CNN’s Cooper on Debate Night in America. Cooper immediately questioned Harris about the reported panic:

ANDERSON COOPER: CNN’s John King has described a panic inside the Democratic Party right now because of President Biden’s performance in tonight’s debate. He’s been hearing from Democratic lawmakers and others around the country. Some within your own party are wondering if President Biden should even step aside. What do you say to that?

VP KAMALA HARRIS: Listen, first of all, what we saw tonight is that the president making a very clear contrast with Donald Trump on all of the issues that matter to the American people.


Yes, there was a slow start, but it was a strong finish. And what became very clear through the course of the night is that Joe Biden is fighting on behalf of the American people, on substance, on policy, on performance. Joe Biden is extraordinarily strong and–

ANDERSON COOPER: On substance and policy and performance tonight. I mean, the president’s performance tonight clearly was disappointing for his supporters.

CNN is reporting Democratic lawmakers watching the debate were worried worried about the president’s performance. One said it was a disaster. Another called it a trainwreck. Those are Democrats especially worried that Biden did not punch back on Trump’s lies.


VP KAMALA HARRIS: Listen. People can debate on style points, but ultimately this election and who is the president of the United States has to be about substance. And the contrast is clear. Look at what happened during the course of the debate. Donald Trump lied over and over and over again as he has want to do. He would not disavow what happened on January 6th.

He would not give a clear answer on whether he would stand by the election results this November. He went back and forth about where he stands on one of the most critical issues of freedom in America, which is the right of a women to make decisions about their own body.

He has been completely ambiguous and all over the place about where he stands on that issue. Despite the fact that he hand-selected three members of the United States Supreme Court with the intention that they would undo the protections of Roe v Wade. And that’s exactly what they did.

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