Chris Wallace Corrects John Roberts For Saying Trump Is Still ‘Winning’ While Losing By Vote Count

Fox News Channel has jumped the shark in the eyes of many of its most ardent viewers who believe that the network has taken a stance against President Donald Trump since the 2020 presidential election.

And it did not do itself any favors this week when one of its hosts, a man many people believe is anti-Trump, Chris Wallace stepped in to stop reporter John Roberts from saying that President Trump was “winning” after Fox News called the election for former Vice President Joe Biden, The Daily Beast reported.

Fox News may have joined the rest of the mainstream media in calling the 2020 presidential race for Joe Biden last weekend, but some members of the network’s on-air crew still can’t seem to wrap their heads around the fact that Donald Trump lost. Chris Wallace isn’t one of them.

During a Friday afternoon appearance on Fox, shortly before Trump made his first public appearance since his loss became official, Wallace deftly dismissed an unnerving take on the state of the presidency from his colleague, reporter John Roberts.

Roberts deviated from the narrative that Wallace and Fox News appear to approve of and dared to say something positive about President Trump. For that Wallace cut him off from speaking.

“The president does seem in a way though, Chris, to be winning even as he is losing in the current vote count,” Roberts said, as votes are being recounted in some states and legal cases are being made. “Because for his die-hard fans, he is trying to make the case that he didn’t really lose the election, that it was taken from him.”

“Is that an argument that he can credibly make?” Roberts asked.

“Well, not in terms of the numbers at least so far,” Wallace said sternly. “Unless we see something from these lawsuits that we haven’t seen so far, which is serious fraud and fraud of a dimension that it would actually overturn the results.”

Wallace said to Roberts, and any President Trump “die-hards” that the president is “not losing these states, for instance Pennsylvania, by 500 votes like Florida in 2000,” but is behind by tens of thousands of votes.

“So unless we see fraud of that dimension, I don’t know that he can credibly say that the election has been taken from him,” Wallace said.

“But that doesn’t mean he won’t continue to make the argument,” he said. “And as we know, Donald Trump got more votes than any person in history running for president this year… except for Joe Biden.”

If you blink you missed it, but did you notice that Wallace now said if we see “serious fraud” and not just fraud after his colleague, Tucker Carlson, this week talked about several cases of dead people voting.

The narrative of the mainstream media has changed from there was not any fraud to, well not enough fraud to change the results of the election.

How do they know? Have they seen the evidence that the president’s attorneys are prepared to show?

If the president was defeated fair and square then, yes, we should all accept that Joe Biden is going to be the president, even if we do not like it.

But to declare him president-elect as there are ongoing recounts and court cases appears to be a stretch.