Fox News Star Jesse Watters Quips About His Life After He Leaves Network


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Fox News primetime host Jesse Watters joked about what he may do with his life after leaving the network at some point during a discussion on “The Five” about “the worst mayor in the U.S.,” Tiffany Henyard of Dolton, Ill.

The panel went back and forth following reports about her exorbitant salary for such a small city and she reported extravagance and spending that have angered community residents.

Interestingly, the Dolton City Council “voted Monday to hire former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot as a ‘Special Investigator’ to look into” Henyard’s practices, Fox News reported, adding:

Henyard has been accused of misdeeds ranging from weaponizing police in retaliatory business raids to spending taxpayer money on luxuries like traveling to Las Vegas. Last month, Henyard reportedly vetoed the board’s resolution to probe her spending over purported misuse of funds. 

While the FBI has allegedly already begun to investigate Henyard for purportedly misusing her local police force, the board’s resolution had called for the FBI to do further investigation into her spending of the town’s money. 


Here’s a partial transcript of The Five panel’s discussion:


TARLOV: “We should be applauding the fact that the people of Chicago — whatever you think of Brandon Johnson versus Paul Vallas — they did what they needed to do, they voted someone out they thought was ineffective, and she has a right to live and make money now.”

GUTFELD: “Judge, it’s like hiring Sam Bankman-Fried to do your taxes.”

PIRRO: “Let me tell you why it’s a good hire. Number one, it’s a prophylactic, okay?”

GUTFELD: “Watch your mouth.”

PIRRO: “Okay. Thank you. Watch your mouth.”

GUTFELD: “This is a family show.”

PIRRO: “It’s a prophylactic because then Henyard, who’s the mayor, who should be — I don’t know, I think the FBI should get involved in investigating, but what do I know? Lori Lightfoot had 100 times the number of people and made less money. This woman is the mayor of the city of 20,000 people and makes $300,000. Lori Lightfoot had 2.6 million, made $260,000. But here’s the problem. This woman hires a sex offender to be in charge of code enforcement, which means — by the way, he spent 12 years in prison, we are not talking about one in name only. Code enforcement has an obligation to go into your house. That is how many brains this mayor has. And what better place to put him? And she’s got professional hair, makeup, all kinds of security going, when she is the mayor of a small town. She is using the money, and that is why when Lori says, ‘I’m going to be the effective steward of your precious tax dollars,’ she made a deal ahead of time and she is going to nail her.”

WATTERS: “Are you saying, be a mayor somewhere, you get free hair and makeup and security?”

GUTFELD: “Yeah, Jesse.”


WATTERS: “Maybe there is a place for me.”


GUTFELD: “Dana, you said n the break, never trust anybody named Tiffany.”

PERINO: “Yeah, exactly. I mean, except for the one who’s staying in the malls because I loved her.”

GUTFELD: “Yeah. R.I.P.”


PERINO: “No! She’s in California. I looked that up, by the way.”

WATTERS: “Sorry, Tiffany.”

PERINO: “First of all, the evidence is already out there about Tiffany Henyard. If you see, the most mad people are black women in the community saying this is outrageous.”

At the end of her investigation, Lightfoot, who is being paid $400 an hour, will present a report to the Village of Dolton on her findings, and they will determine what happens next, Fox News added.

“Trustees also re-voted on issues the Dolton mayor had previously vetoed and about paying vendors and invoices that the Village has not yet paid,” the report said.

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