Gutfeld Gives Heartfelt Message to Trump: ‘I Lost Friends When I Would Defend You’


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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld delivered a heartwarming message on national television to Donald Trump.

During an interview with Trump, the Fox star admitted that he’s lost friends and relationships all because he dared to defend the 45th president publicly.

Gutfeld told Trump, “There was an irrational response to you. And I lost friends when I would defend you.”

“But you also gained friends,” Trump said.


“Yeah, you gain friends,” Gutfeld said. “I didn’t listen to my family members were are voting for you… When I turned and started listening, then I lost all of my other friends.”

Gutfeld then asked Trump: “Did it bother you to see the friends that you’ve had — lose these friends because you became president and they didn’t like what you were doing or became emotionally and irrationally kind of unhinged? Trump delusional. Trump derangement syndrome.”

“Why did people respond emotionally to you rather than rationally?” he asked.

“It must be my personality,” Trump said with the studio audience laughing in the background.



At another point in the interview, Gutfeld asked Trump about the endless negative coverage he received as president.

GUTFELD: “I always wanted to ask you this. I think I might know the answer. How hard is it being president from the scale of 1-10?”


TRUMP:” Well, I had two forms of presidency. Number one, I had to run the country, work on the world and do things. And the other thing, I had to survive. The survival was much tougher. Because I had fake Mueller people coming after me, I had 19 really haters after me. I had every form of law enforcement after me. It started from the day I came down the escalator. It never stops. I have every prosecutor after me. They are looking at deals that I did years and years ago, I forgot about them. It is a disgrace. So I had to survive, number one. And number two, I had to really — I guess I put it in a different order, but if you don’t survive you can’t do a good job in terms of running. So I had survival and I had running the country. I would say the survival is actually much tougher, running the country.”


Trump endorsed Parnell on Tuesday in an email to supporters and shredded retiring Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Pat Toomey.

“The only reason Senator ‘Gloomy’ Pat Toomey is not running for the Senate in Pennsylvania is that I would not give him an endorsement—I feel he has been a terrible representative for both Pennsylvania and the United States, as a whole. His views on Tariffs and so-called Free Trade (where other nations take total advantage of the United States), are archaic. He ran with me in 2016 and wasn’t expected to win, but because of my victory he did. He still doesn’t realize what happened, and why—not the sharpest tool in the shed. Fortunately for Pennsylvania, we have a great Senate candidate, Sean Parnell, who I have just given my Complete and Total Endorsement. He will do all of the things that Toomey is incapable of doing. Sean Parnell will represent the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania the way it should be represented—and it’s about time! “ he said.

And it is not the only endorsement that Trump has given recently.


The 45th president has released a new statement this week endorsing Michigan Republican State Representative Steve Carra.

Cara is running against RINO Rep. Fred Upton, who joined House Democrats and voted to impeach Trump.

Trump is also beginning to edge ahead of Joe Biden in a hypothetical 2024 presidential election matchup.

A recent survey found that Trump is now President Biden 47% to 46%.


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