Gold Star Mother Shreds President Biden In Testimony To Congress


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A military gold star mother detailed her experience meeting President Joe Biden and she was furious.

In tearful testimony before Congress, Gold Star mother Cheryl Rex said that the president told her the same lie he has told again and again, that his son Beau Biden, who died from cancer long after his military service was done, was “brought home” in a flag draped casket.

“When [Biden] approached me, his words to me were, ‘My wife, Jill & I, know how you feel. We also lost our son and brought him home in a flag-draped coffin,’” she said during the hearing organized by California Republican Rep. Darrel Issa.

“My heart started beating faster and I started shaking, knowing that their son died from cancer and they were able to be by his side,” she said.

“How could someone be so heartless to say he knew how I felt a little over 24 hours after learning of my son’s death?” the mother said.

“After this encounter, I have never had any personal correspondence nor has my son been honored or his name spoken by this commander-in-chief,” she said.

President Biden has said in the past that he believes that the brain cancer that claimed the life of his beloved son was caused by burn pits in Iraq.


She said that her son had been told to “clean up the airport” because “we can’t leave it dirty for the Taliban.”

“What kind of disrespect? What kind of hatred for our military? What kind of mess?” she said.

This is not the publicity that is going to assist Biden, who is struggling with voters.

A voting bloc that was vital to President Joe Biden’s 2020 victory is sending him and his Democratic Party a message they won’t want to hear.

According to a new analysis from Harvard University, the 18-29-year-old demographic is trending less liberal and more towards conservatism, which is horrible news for the current occupant of the White House.

John Della Volpe, the polling director at the Harvard Kennedy Institute of Politics, found in his study that younger Americans are trending away from the Democratic Party, while a separate study found that high school senior boys are becoming more conservative.

“Nearly every sign that made me confident in historic levels of youth participation in 2018, 2020, and 2022 — is now flashing red,” Della Volpe wrote in his analysis of 2024, according to The Hill. He added: “The ground is more fertile for voting when youth believe voting makes a tangible difference.”

In 2019, nearly 39 percent of the participants in the Harvard Youth Poll stated that they identified as Democrats. However, in the following spring, this number decreased to 35 percent. Meanwhile, the proportion of young voters who identified as independents or “unaffiliated with a major party” rose from 36 percent in 2019 to 40 percent this year. Also, the percentage of youth voters who identified as Republicans rose slightly from 23 percent to 24 percent, The Hill noted.


Also, he found that the percentage of respondents who said they will definitely vote in next year’s election fell from 55 percent at this point in the 2020 cycle to 51 percent now.

Volpe wrote “daylight’s burning” for the Democrats, who need young voters “to win today and maintain and grow an electoral edge in the years ahead.”

The Hill added:

Signs that younger voters are skeptical of the party establishment have been cropping up for years. 

An overall rise in Americans identifying as independent has been noted since 2009, according to Gallup polling. The uptick has been attributed largely to Generation X and millennials holding onto independent identification as they age, whereas greater shares of previous generations tended to attach themselves to a party as they age. 


Younger Americans boosted Biden to victory in 2020, with 61 percent of voters under age 30 supporting him, according to AP VoteCast. But it’s not clear by how much the voting bloc will turn out for Democrats this election cycle.

Meanwhile, as Fox News reported, high school senior boys are becoming more conservative while girls are becoming more liberal, according to a University of Michigan study.

Twelfth-grade boys exhibit a nearly twofold preference for identifying as conservative compared to liberal, and this gap has been progressively widening in recent years. Conversely, girls in the same grade identify themselves as liberal at a rate of approximately 30%, which marks a significant increase from the levels observed in 2015, the study found.

Psychotherapist Thomas Kersting shared his thoughts about the study’s findings last week during a “Fox & Friends” segment.

“12th-grade boys are kind of seeing through this. We’re creating this idea that if you’re a male, there’s something wrong with that and that you’re bad,” Kersting said.

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