GOP Rep. Jim Jordan Makes Announcement After Call With Trump


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Rep. Jim Jordan dropped a bombshell on Thursday, perhaps inadvertently, in discussing former President Donald Trump’s future plans.

In a video clip posted online, Jordan, an Ohio Republican, straight up predicts that Trump is jumping in the 2024 GOP presidential primaries and it was the recent Joe Biden-led debacle in Afghanistan, where an untold number of Americans remain trapped under the control of the Taliban, that pushed him to make the decision.

“President Trump, he’s going to run again,” Jordan says in the clip, which was posted by Undercurrent TV journalist Lauren Windsor.


“You think so?” asks someone else off-camera.

“I know so, yeah, I talked to him yesterday,” Jordan responded as he attended an event in Dallas County, Iowa.

“He’s about ready to announce after all of this craziness in Afghanistan,” Jordan continued.


“I want him to run,” Jordan added, according to the Des Moines Register. “He’s proven he can take the heat. We’re at a moment now where you’ve got to have someone who’s willing to fight, willing to stand up to all the abuses.”

According to the paper, he went on to say that he wears criticism of voting against certifying the 2020 election, along with 146 other House Republicans, as a badge of honor.

“Like I tell my colleagues, particularly the guys in the Freedom Caucus, if the press isn’t saying something bad about you, you’re not doing anything good,” he said. “Just getting involved in supporting conservative values and principles, you’re going to get attacked by the cancel culture mob.”


Jordan is the second person in recent weeks to definitely predict a Trump 2024 presidential candidacy.

Trump’s first press secretary, Sean Spicer, co-host of the Newsmax TV show “Spicer & Co.” with co-host Lyndsay Keith, said early last month of Trump during a preview interview for his upcoming book about the administration of Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, “He’s in.”

Spicer’s comments came as reports noted that Trump was meeting with “Cabinet members” at his Bedminster, N.J., golf resort to discuss political strategy.

A week earlier, Trump’s last chief of staff, Mark Meadows, discussed those meetings, strongly suggesting that the 45th president is in.


“I’m not authorized to speak on behalf of the president, but I can tell you this: We wouldn’t be meeting tonight if we weren’t making plans to move forward in a real way, with President Trump at the head of that ticket,” Meadows told Newsmax TV host Steve Cortes.

And in June, Trump met with the head of the House Republican Study Group, Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana, to plot the party’s political path forward.

“We talked for most of the time about the work that the Republican Study Committee is doing to define the agenda for the future course of the Republican Party, which is fighting for the Trump agenda,” he said.


We talked about our election integrity bill, The Save Democracy Act, which he was very supportive of and we talked about what we’ve done to define immigration moving forward,” Banks added.

“We spent nearly two hours with the President with President Trump who’s in great spirits,” Banks continued, suggesting that many in his party are interested in reviving the former president’s policy agenda.

“We believe we take back the majority by focusing on the Trump agenda, and President Trump plays a big role in that,” Banks said. “He’s obviously planning to go out and hit the road and campaign for candidates who share our vision, and we were excited to talk to him about that.”

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