Republicans Consider Filing Ethics Charges Against Maloney After Verbal Attack On Nunes

Written by Carmine Sabia

Republican leaders in the House of Representatives are considering filing ethics charges against on of Rep. Adam Schiff’s biggest supporters.

Democrat Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney allegedly viciously attacked Rep. Devin Nunes during a committee meeting this week, Breitbart reported.

“He was very rude,” Republican Arkansas Rep. Rick Crawford told Breitbart News on Wednesday regarding Maloney’s attack on Nunes and and other Republicans during the committee. “Members don’t question other members in hearings. This wasn’t on the agenda for the meeting. It was really inappropriate in my opinion, and pretty childish.”

Others familiar with the incident told Breitbart News that when a transcript of the incident—with the exact words of Maloney’s accusations and questions of Nunes during the meeting—becomes available, House GOP leadership lawyers familiar with parliamentary rules will consider bringing formal ethics charges against Maloney for his alleged misconduct toward Nunes during the meeting.

The standing rules of the House of Representatives make it such that one member cannot accuse another member of lying, and also cannot hurl insults at them. Depending on the exact wording of what Maloney said, when the transcript becomes available in the coming days, GOP lawyers may seek formal action against him by the House Ethics Committee.

The background of what led up to the Maloney incident is as follows: House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is gearing up yet again to try to level more baseless accusations against allies of President Donald Trump, this time over packages that were sent to a number of Trump allies inside and outside of Congress during the lead-up to the House impeachment of Trump last year.

What’s more, the Democrats appear to have leaked classified information to Politico in order to weaponize the narrative to the media and are now engaged in over-the-top tactics that may be in violation of House ethics rules to boot.

But speaking of the bigger picture, Rep. Nunes said to Breitbart News that it is Rep. Schiff who is doing the Russian’s bidding.

“They’re clearly conducting election interference right now, either wittingly or unwittingly on behalf of Vladimir Putin,” he said in an interview with Breitbart.

“Putin doesn’t have to do anything. He doesn’t have to run one real op. But they just run around ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ all the time. Well, they’re the ones doing it. They’re the ones who went to Russia to get information. Not Republicans. Republicans never went to Russia to get anything. Democrats did. Four years of disinformation, and they’ve been proven wrong all the time, and they’ve turned the committee into a dungeon of conspiracy theories. They don’t even do real work on Intel,” he said.

In a piece last week Politico reported leaked details, including what it said was illegally leaked classified information about information sent to President Donald Trump’s Republican allies intended to injure his presumptive opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden.

“Top congressional Democrats are sounding the alarm about a series of packets mailed to prominent allies of President Donald Trump — material they say is part of a foreign disinformation plot to damage former vice president Joe Biden, according to new details from a letter the lawmakers delivered to the FBI last week,” Politico said.

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