Goya CEO Warns World On The Brink Of A Food Crisis


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The CEO of Goya, Bob Unanue, has warned that the world is getting close to a food shortage crisis.

When the CEO appeared on “Mornings with Maria,” he said to host Maria Bartiromo that the world has “weaponized food.”

“We are on the precipice of a global food crisis,” he said.

“They’ve [the Russians] attacked irrigation systems, they’ve attacked train systems and they’ve sent millions of women and children into exile,” he said as he argued that the United States has “provoked, in a way, this war by showing an incredible weakness around the globe and lack of resolve to protect the women, children and the innocent.


“It started in Afghanistan where we left women and children behind,” he said. “And now they’ve sent millions of women into exile.”

He said that the United States is likely to not be affected by the shortage because “we have abundance” and “are the biggest consumers in the world.”

“The countries that will suffer are the innocent ones in Africa and around the globe,” he argued.

He predicted that the United States would be the last nation affected but it would “have to tighten our belt and consume less.”

Fox News reported:


The Labor Department said earlier this month that the consumer price index – which measures a bevy of goods including gasoline, health care, groceries and rents – rose 8.5% in March from a year ago, the fastest pace since December 1981, when inflation hit 8.9%. Prices jumped 1.2% in the one-month period from February, the largest month-to-month jump since 2005.

Price increases were widespread: Energy prices rose a stunning 11% in March from the previous month, and are up 32% from last year. Gasoline, on average, costs 48% more than it did last year after rising 18.3% in March on a monthly basis as the Russian war in Ukraine fueled a rapid increase in oil prices.

Food prices have also climbed 8.8% higher over the year and 1% over the month, with the largest increases in cereal and bakery products (10%), poultry, fish and meat (13.8%), fresh fruits and vegetables (8.1%), and eggs (11.2%).


The biggest effect could be on sunflower oil for which Russia and Ukraine account for 80 percent of the world’s exports. Next would be wheat for which the warring nations account for 29 percent of the world’s wheat exports. Both also account for 19 percent of the world’s corn.

The war could also affect farming as Russia is one of the world’s major fertilizer exporters.


Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue is a strong conservative.

As the head of America’s largest Hispanic-owned food brand, Unanue supported Trump.

Liberals didn’t like it — they even tried to boycott his business — but Unanue didn’t back down.

Unanue supported Trump in 2020, leading to this picture:

Goya Foods primarily serves lower-income people.

Now, Goya Foods’ CEO is warning America that a “food crisis” is coming.

When Unanue says a “food crisis,” he’s not talking about Wagyu beef.

He’s talking about beans, rice, and the staples of a basic diet.

Here’s a graphic explaining the fertilizer situation:

If you’re worried a global food crisis is coming, have a full pantry, plant a garden and get to know local farmers.

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