Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley Discharged From Hospital


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Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley will be back in the office next week, according to his office. He has been discharged from the hospital.

His office announced on Tuesday that Grassley had been admitted to a Washington, D.C., hospital to receive antibiotic infusions for an infection. Reportedly, 90-year-old Grassley was in a good mood when that happened. Since his inauguration in 1981, Grassley has served as the Senate’s senior member.

“Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) has been discharged from the hospital and expects to be back to work next week,” his office said in a statement.

“Thx for ur well wishes & prayers Happy to be home I look fwd to getting back to work,” Grassley posted on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

“Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) is receiving antibiotic infusions at an area hospital to treat an infection. He is in good spirits and will return to work as soon as possible following doctors’ orders,” Grassley’s office said in a statement earlier this week.


Grassley made headlines earlier this month during an interview on Fox News when he spoke about allegations that a Ukrainian gas company executive allegedly bribed President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.

According to an FBI document that Grassley saw, the document purportedly details the unverified claims of a confidential source and shows that the executive recorded audio recordings of their phone conversations with the Bidens.

Fox News host Larry Kudlow asked Grassley about the documents: “Senator Grassley, where are these tapes, these audio tapes? What’s happened to them? What’s the guy’s — this is a Burisma oligarch. Nobody can find him. He’s on the lam with these tapes. He may be at a gambling casino in Montenegro, no one knows where this guy is. How are we going to find him? This is probably the most important political event in this story and maybe one of the worst corruption scandals in the history of the United States.”

“Well, only the FBI can answer that. And I don’t have an answer from the FBI. Did they follow up or did they show their usual political bias and shove it under the rug?” Grassley asked.


Kudlow shot back: “Well, what did you think? What do you think? Do you think the FBI has the tapes? Do you think there’s only one set of tapes? You’re a pretty smart fella. And as I said, no one’s going to mess with you when you get your back up. What’s happened to these tapes?”

“I want the FBI to tell me because I — that’s the only place I can get the information because they have the responsibility to investigate. Remember, 1023 is an unclassified document. Larry, you should be able to read it as much as I can. And it has these — these statements in it. How is the FBI following up? My oversight of the FBI is important because we have to have enough FBI that the entire United States can have confidence in and they need to rebuild this confidence, and one way to rebuild the confidence would be very open, make this unclassified document available to 330 million Americans if they want to read it,” Grassley said.

“Well, I presume that Jim Jordan when he reconvenes with Christopher Wray, the FBI director, I assume Mr. Jordan, who is a pretty smart fellow himself, is going to ask him directly, where are these tapes? Because you’ve seen them. You know they exist because it was in a 1023. FBI can’t hide that. You, Chuck Grassley, are vouching for that. So, Wray is going to have to fess up or all hell is going to break loose,” Kudlow responded.

Grassley concluded: “Well, they have subpoena power. I’m a Republican member of the United States Senate in the minority. I don’t have subpoena power, but I want to thank Chairman Comer for working with me to break this loose, the extent to which it is. Now, I’m still working to get this 1023 made public so, Larry, you can read it.”

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