Taylor Greene Rips Biden, GOP Leadership Over Ukraine, Borken Border


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Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), infuriated by the shadowy, thoroughly unsettling, closed-door shenanigans of Capitol Hill, let rip with a scathing twelve-and-a-half-minute dissection of the corruption she’s found.

In an informal garage gym setting familiar to those who have followed her weight-lifting videos, the GOP lawmaker lashed out in a video posted to X, formerly Twitter, at House leadership and the Biden administration side-by-side regarding the absurd spending bills that have been compounded together in a desperate bid to gain approval for additional funding to be sent to Ukraine.

“They bring a defense bill to the floor yesterday that had $300 million for Ukraine in it. I told them all week long, ‘I’m not voting for $300 million to Ukraine,’” Greene told her viewers. “I would love to vote for that bill without the Ukraine money, but no, they didn’t take it out.”

She repeatedly called upon her colleagues to strip Ukraine funding from an extremely necessary defense spending package. However, congressional leadership refused, ignoring urgent calls from Greene as well as other members like Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who called for the same.

“You sent me home yesterday! You disrespected my views, you disrespect America’s views, you disrespected everybody that is sick and damn tired of funding foreign wars!” she railed (see video below).


The incensed congresswoman then turned her attention to the illegal immigration debacle orchestrated by the Biden White House. “Guess what!? Here’s how bad it is,” explaining that 200,000 illegal immigrants have flown into the United States by “registering on a Biden administration app.”

“That’s how they did it. This is how damn bad it is. We have people coming in, planes, trains, automobiles, and boats illegally invading America. No, no, no, we can’t address the border situation.”

“We don’t care if Zelenskyy is standing in the Capitol wearing his stupid green jumpsuit, and he can’t wear a suit and tie as he comes and begs for money from us, then you don’t respect the American people,” she ranted. “I’m not voting with your stupid war with Russia. There should be a peace treaty in that country right now.”

In  answer to the demands to fund Ukraine, she replied vehemently, “Hell no!” She derided Biden and Congress for trotting Zelenskyy out to the Capitol to generate public influence for the vote.

She then noted: “I’ve told them all year long: I’m not voting for your stupid war with Russia. There should be a peace treaty in that country right now. I’m not voting to murder more people in one of the most corrupt countries on Earth. Put America First!”

Greene continued, “Our country is being invaded. We can’t even impeach Mayorkas. Can you believe that? We should be impeaching Mayorkas. We should be impeaching Biden over the border, can’t even do that. But we have members of Congress, Republicans! With very red districts, very red districts that are so dead set on they gotta send money to Ukraine, they don’t want it taken out of the defense bill. That’s where it sets.”


“Everyone is going to be mad at me for saying all this out loud to the public, but I really do not care,” Greene said defiantly. “You should respect members of Congress like me because we are working for the American people.”

She added, “Americans are sick and tired of the America-Last, Washington D.C., Federal government machine that serves the rest of the world and tells Americans to go F-themselves and then they tell Americans to pay for it. Enough of this garbage. It needs to end right now.”



As recently as Sep. 16th, Greene issued a stern warning to President Joe Biden and the Democrats on the X platform: “We are going to drag Biden and everyone who covered up his crimes through the headlines day after day, month after month, and prove to the country the entire Democrat party is corrupt and can’t be trusted.

“So no matter which candidate runs for president if they take Biden out, everyone will know the Democrat party is filled with liars and traitors,” she added. “That, combined with Bidenomics’ destructive policies, will cause Democrats to lose big.”

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