Marjorie Taylor Greene Reports ‘Swatting’ Incident No. 6


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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is continuing to deal with potentially dangerous situations involving the police as she now attempts to navigate through a divorce.

The Georgia Republican reported being “swatted” for a sixth time this week — meaning, someone called the police to her home as a prank.

“I was swatted for the 6th time last night. Swatting is a very serious crime,” Taylor Greene noted on Twitter on Tuesday.


“The caller wants to have their victim murdered by police,” Greene wrote. “But it is also a giant abuse of police resources and time, which is another reason it is a serious crime.”

Fox5 reported further:

Swatting is the act of making a hoax call to 911 to try and draw a response to law enforcement. Using technology that makes it appear that the emergency call is coming from a victim’s home, suspects try to lure law enforcement to the residence by telling them a crime has either happened or is in progress – causing a response from police or a SWAT team.

A spokesperson for Greene confirmed to the National Review that police responded to the Georgia Republican’s home but did not give any more information. 

The ‘swatting’ incidents began in August, happening two nights in a row.

She provided an update on the situation after the incidents occurred at her home near Rome, Georgia.

“911 received a call from the suspect, claiming responsibility for the incident and explaining his/her motives. ’They explained they were upset about Ms. Greene’s stance on ‘trans-gender youth’s rights,’ and stated they were trying to ‘swat’ her,’” she said, quoting local police.


Northwest Georgia News noted:

According to a Rome Police Department report, police officers responded to a 911 call on Wednesday at 01:03 a.m. that led them to initially believe a man who had been shot multiple times was in the bathtub at Greene’s home. The caller also stated there was a woman inside the home and possibly children with her. When officers arrived, Greene assured them there was no issue at the home.

“After we cleared the call and went back in service, Rome-Floyd 911 received a call from the suspect, claiming responsibility for the incident and explaining his/her motives,” said the police report, according to the local outlet. “It was a computer-generated voice. They explained they were upset about Ms. Greene’s stance on ‘trans-gender youth’s rights,’ and stated they were trying to ‘swat’ her.”

In addition, the police report said that the caller claimed to be linked to a website that authorities say supports cyberstalking. The caller also gave officers their user name on the site, Northwest Georgia News added.

“There have been a couple of other ‘swatting’ calls of this sort recently, said Floyd County Police Department Assistant Chief Tom Ewing, but this was the first at Greene’s residence. The other calls came from overseas numbers, Ewing said, and those numbers have been masked or rerouted through other numbers, a process called spoofing,” said the local news report.


Previously, Greene — a staunch ally of former President Donald Trump — thanked local police while adding that she would provide additional information at a later date.

“Last night, I was swatted just after 1 am. I can’t express enough gratitude to my local law enforcement here in Rome, Floyd County. More details to come,” she tweeted.


After that incident, the GOP lawmaker spoke to Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk and explained how she was fortunate not to have responded with a gun.

“I’m a Second Amendment supporter, and I believe in defending myself. And normally, I answer the door with a gun, especially if it’s someone I don’t expect coming to my home,” she said.

In a statement to, Greene’s office confirmed that a “political attack” on her took place at her home.

“Right now, Congresswoman Greene’s safety is our number one concern,” Greene’s spokesperson Nick Dyer said Wednesday. “Late last night, she was a victim of a political attack on her family and home. Whoever committed this violent crime will face the full extent of the law.”


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